Leonid Showers tonight

330AM EASTERN TIME, anyone else going to get up early? :dubious:


I’ll be awake so I’ll watch for a few minutes before my extremities go numb (I have no clear view of the sky from inside the house).

Was going to try, but its getting overcast, so guess we’ll see.

i went outside and looked nothing yet but it looks relatively clear here in mesa az. havent been able to spectate them in the past due to work obligations but recently was laid off thanks gubment!

To be clear, tonight is the peak of the shower, but it’s not the only night you can see them. There will be Leonids for the rest of the week or so.

The Leonids don’t have quite as many meteors per hour as the Perseids (in August), but they seem to have a greater tendency for bolides, extremely bright meteors.

Rain and clouds for the rest of the week, so no meteors for me :frowning:

I went out at 4am and sat out the better part of an hour. I saw 2 nice meteors but it got too cloudy to keep watching.

i drove out to the mountains and saw like 20 or so. no clouds, but the wind kicked up a dust storm so visiblity wasnt great. maybe tonite i can catch the peak…


A few weeks ago I drove out into the countryside to catch the Orionids, and I caught a few wee little faint ones before I decided I was about to freeze to death and headed home.

Was out for 2.5 hours (3 am - 5:30am) near Waxahachie, TX. Saw about 20, with 6 or 7 being “good ones”. Also saw two satellites. No bolides. 40 degrees with a little breeze. I think I will try again tonight after sundown.

I like the Leonids better because the mosquitoes are usually gone by November. And I saw the Leonid storm in 2001.

I rescued a poor little beaten up Dachshund puppy last night while I was out in the country watching the Leonids. His name is now Oliver Leonidas, and I love him.

It was cloudy here.

Spaceweather just sent an announcement of a giant fireball (an asteroid) that people saw (and heard explode) over Utah and Colorado. There are pieces on the ground! Anyone see that?

What color were the meteors in the sky? Would it be safe to call this a golden shower?

Here’s a hub for images.

Never mind - this is from 2003 or so …

Here is a gallery for the current shower…

I had clouds over Leo, but the Western sky was clear, so I got to see a few meteors anyways.

One of these years I’ll actually have good conditions for one of these things.

Raining all week, not even bothering to try.