Leprechaun Bank Robber Killed

A bank robber dressed as a leprechaun was killed yesterday in a shootout with police. This leprechaun was formerly known as the “Bad Santa” bank robber. The mind just boggles, sometimes.

Leprechaun Bank Robber


Sure & begorrah! T’is the Saint Patrick’s Day Massacre!

First Santa, then a Leprechaun. Who the hell did he think he was, a Gotham City villain?

Did they get his Lucky Charms?

As someone who was recently coerced into watching all six Leprechaun movies back to back, I can attest that this was not a copycat crime. Of all the stupid things that went on in them, Warwick Davis never robbed a bank.

You think they buried this guy in the Leprechaun suit? :cool:

That must have been surreal for the cop. Chasing a Leprechaun.

Well, Calendar Man was always a loser.

Please explain. :stuck_out_tongue:

If he had a pot of gold why did he need to rob a bank?

Well, it’s like this. I belong to a group which meets once or twice a month to watch and mock bad movies. For this past Saturday, the host announced a special event: Leprethon!

I was expecting it to be bad, and, well, it was pretty damn bad. I was the only person to last all the way to the end, except for the host and his wife (and she napped through a couple of them). Here’s what I took away from the experience:
[ul][li]There is zero continuity between installments in the series. Apparently they’re all different leprechauns, though they all look the same, talk in rhymes (except, for some unknown reason, in the fourth film), and lust after gold. The method for killing them varies, from four-leaf clovers, to cast iron, to hard vacuum, to magical amulets.[/li][li]The films’ settings are, respectively, North Dakota, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, outer space, and Tha Hood (twice). Apparently Tha Hood sells the most tickets.[/li][li]We all agreed that Leprechaun 2 was the least painful. This is as close to an endorsement as any of these movies are going to get.[/li][li]It seemed like the writers of Leprechaun 4: In Space got into some kind of contest to see who could make things the weirdest. They started out with a diverse squad of space marines (à la Aliens) commanded by a crazed scientist named Dr. Mittenhand (!) who looks like a cross between Dr. Strangelove and The Master from Fallout. They’re looking for a flaky space princess who, it turns out, is being courted by the little green-clad title character. Then Dr. Mittenhand turns into a giant spider and the marine sergeant with a chrome-plated skull starts performing a drag show, and…well, other stuff happens. It’s best not to dwell.[/li][li]The only “name” actors involved, other than Warwick Davis, are a pre-nosejob Jennifer Aniston (in the first film) and Ice-T (in the fifth).[/li][li]Leprechaun rapping is only marginally less dreadful than Warren Beatty’s in Bulworth.[/li][/ul]

Okay, I’m hiring myself out to the police force so I can get the Easter Bunny.

In Soviet Union Easter Bunny gets YOU!


They’d better be careful…he might come back to life on Easter!

One of the all-time fouled-up bank robberies in U.S. history was the Santa Claus Bank Robbery in Texas in 1927. A group of small-time criminals figured they could clean up by robbing a bank during Xmas season with their leader dressed as Santa, only they didn’t figure on much of the town turning up at the scene to shoot it out with them (inspired in part by a $5,000 reward posted by the Texas Banking Association to anyone shooting a robber during the commission of a bank robbery).

The final toll was four dead as a result of the shootout (one police chief and one robber), another robber executed in the electric chair and another one lynched, numerous bystanders and hostages injured (some by friendly fire) and one of the biggest manhunts in Texas history.

The book “The Santa Claus Bank Robbery” by A.C. Greene is a good read.

Well, I think we now know where they get those pots of gold in the first place!