Lesbian accents?

Yeah, I’ve seen the threads about “gay accents.” I know the Straight Dope, too – insular community, not everyone has the inflection, it’s not a lisp … you know.

I’m curious about the “lesbian accent.” Nobody discusses it, but I’ve heard it – a large minority of women I know that identify themselves as lesbian seem to have it. It’s difficult to describe, except to say that it’s the anthesis of the stereotypical “gay accent” – it sounds atonal, dry and serious.

So … am I crazy, or is there such a thing? If so … why?

yeah, i think i know what you are talking about. there’s often a half-question lilt of intonation toward the end of most declarative sentences. but pretty dry, and not atonal, but… flat?.

however, at my college (small and liberal arts) where i noticed it, many girls (and guys, to be honest) used it. it’s just the the majority of users were either lesbian or bi.

i dunno where it came from, but i have noticed it.

[Spock]Fascinating[/Spock]. A lot of people comment that my voice is dry, atonal, and too serious - “like you’re angry all the time, Una.” Well, OK, I am angry most of the time, but still…

If I know what you’re talking about, then it’s the Militant Womynist accent in the movie P.C.U.

Otherwise, I have nothing to add to the conversation.

I remember the movie and the Womynists, but not the accent.

If anything, Ellen DeGeneres has a trademark lesbian accent – dry, serious, with the half-question lilt at the end of declarative sentences, just like jb_farley describes.