Lesbians chosen high school's "cutest couple"

I just wanted to share a story that made me smile. And recognize the wisdom of a teen:

Sometimes the future looks bright.

It’ll be even brighter when a story like this is not newsworthy…

…but you’re right. Kids kick ass sometimes. :slight_smile:

Just make sure it’s for the right reasons.

Similiar thing occured in NH last year. Families knew of the relationship, though.

Awwwww. :slight_smile:

That story gave me my warm-fuzzy-feeling-fix for the day. Thanks, Homebrew.

I’m bookmarking this for whenever someone tries to tell me that all news is depressing nowadays.

Mr. Bill “I’ve appointed myself Chief Moralist for the United States” O’Reilly was planning on devoting several minutes to screeching about how perverted the whole thing is on his nightly screamfest that FOXNews tries to pass off as an objective and balanced news program.

Sure guys.:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

I thought O’Reilly loved the gays. He skewered that ex-gay-ministry, Christian dude when he had him on.

O’Reilly’s piece was on the trend for non-Lesbian girls to have sexual relationships with their best friends, because it is the cool thing to do. It was not about Lesbians. The only time “Lesbians” was said was in a question like: “These girls are not Lesbians?” I am wondering if this thread is about recognizing Lesbians equally with other couples or about this new trend. If it is about the former then I concur with the sentiments expressed. That seems to be the case, but just in case I’ll say that I don’t think much of the trend discussed on O’Reilly’s Factor.

Cute story.
And O’Reilly just hates everyone - that’s how he claims to be fair and balanced. Fair and balanced curmudgeondom.

Aww, an adorable pair :slight_smile:

That just made my day. Good on them. :slight_smile:

Been seeing this story as it played out in the local news. I didn’t realize it had gone national. I am glad that the Advocate didn’t play up the admistration as bad guys for delaying this a bit. The students walked out (about 60 of them, as I recall) because approval was not immediately granted to put the picure into the yearbook. School officials said it was because they wanted to get permission from the girls’ parents.

I did get a kick out of the Superintendent, trying to sound as if her school just doesn’t have any of those troublesome issues that plague other normal high schools. Knowing the school and the district, it gave me a bit of a chuckle.

I wish O’Reilly didn’t have the same last name as me.
I officially disown him from the family.

This is very cool. If I remember, I’ll tell my wife about it. She’ll really appreciate it as well.

And auntie em, you’d be amazed at what some people think is “newsworthy”.

I had to do a story this week about the skyrocketing prices of local pay-phones. Which are now the same price as every other pay phone I’ve seen in the past two years.


No picture, I can’t judge how cute they are :frowning:

Isn’t there some song out there that uses Mr. O’Reilly’s quote of "I want to go to a gay bathhouse’?

I’m serious, I read it in Savage love.

Sorry, but I had to be the crass one who jumps in here and says yeah, I bet he thought they were ‘cute’. :wink:

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