Lesbians on PBS!? Not while I'm Sec. of Education

On her second day on the job incoming U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings demonstrated that the administration is not gay friendly. Apparently the PBS show Postcards from Buster has an upcoming episode where Buster goes to Vermont to learn about maple syrup. One of the syrup makers he meets is a lesbian couple. I’m not really sure how they would make it clear that it’s a couple rather than just two women, but it prompted outrage from our new Education Secretary.

Of course PBS being the brave liberal enclave it is is not going to distribute this episode to it’s affiliates.

Maybe it would be okay if PBS would just cut that middle segment where the two women strip down, pour maple syrup all over each other, stare wide-eyed and innocently into the camera, and tell Buster about how naughty they’ve been.


You just gotta love pledge week.

That would have to please the secretary. Sounds educational to me, and you could even argue it’s anti-gay. :wink:

Well everyone knows that the thought of two men making love makes the baby jesus cry while two women together…bring out the popcorn.

Fuckin’ homophobes. However, I do reluctantly have to confess to enjoying the fact that the name of the current Secretary of Education is Spellings.

I kind of feel some affinity for this viewpoint.

I mean, I’ve tried authentic Vermont maple syrup, and I found it to be thin and watery, as well as keroseney-tasting. Not the kind of thing I think Michaela would thank her old man for introducing her to.

I’d pay a dollar to see that. :smiley:


Well, apperantly not everybody dislikes it.

:dubious: :confused: :cool: :o


I am shocked – shocked – to learn that PBS is portraying alternative lifestyles in such a positive light. This blatant glamourization of the maple syrup-making lifestyle is clearly a preamble to enticing innocent young children over to the “other side”. Yes, folks, PBS wants your children to become…
Canadian! :eek:

Ummm…my comment was a wry and insightful commentary on the ridiculous (and offensive) double-standard regarding the percieved immorality and deviance of sex between two men as opposed to two women.

Well come on, why do you think they’ve been airing Red Green all these years? Sheesh! It’s like you think they’ve been secretive about their agenda or something.

I think it’s important to point out here that the “lesbian” couple in question are cartoon rabbits.

Cause that makes it a hell of a lot funnier.

Or hotter. If, y’know, you’re into that kinda thing.

Oh, I know. It’s just that it segued so nicely into that recent threat that I couldn’t help but take advantage of the opportunity to link it in.

Keep it up there with the wry commentary…we likes the wry.


Just a second here, these are cartoon bunny rabbits? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? So how do we know that these are members of the Legion of the Damned, and not just a couple of sisters? Bert and Ernie are a “same sex” duo, and we aren’t given to understand anything about thier fuzzy little love lives. So from whence do we find out that these are pervo rabbits? I mean, not to split hairs or anything…

I have the newest version of Between-the-lines 2.0 for parsing politco-speak:

Are you sure? There are lots of different kinds of animals on Arthur. Maybe they’re cartoon beavers.

In lumberjack shirts. That’s how you can tell.

(By which I mean the highest praise)

If you haven’t read Spider Robinson’s Callahan stories, you should. Y’know, before somebody drags you out back without a warrant.