Less semen, Fewer sperm, bloody hell!

Less traffic, fewer cars.

Less education, fewer classes

Less food, fewer meals

less sex, fewer partners

less love, fewer lovers

less war, fewer battles

less fat, fewer pounds

less paper, fewer documents

less rain, fewer raindrops

less deodorant, fewer friends

less mouthwash, fewer kisses

less mustard, fewer condiments

less equipment, fewer tools

less real estate, fewer properties

less money, fewer dollars

less mortality, fewer deaths

less time, fewer years

less pudding, fewer desserts

less bread, fewer buns

less fun, fewer parties

less drinking, fewer drinks

less smoking, fewer cigarettes

less fucking, fewer orgasms

less fighting, fewer bruises

Less thinking, fewer thoughts

less nose-picking, fewer boogers

Less Gandalf, fewer wizards

less religion, fewer Christians

less ** quantity of single thing ** , fewer ** number of many things **

less frustration, fewer rants

less pie, fewer pies?

Sometimes less is more.

No, that was Lester Moore, who took four slugs from a .44.

No Les no more.

The opposite of less is ‘more’.
The opposite of fewer is ‘more’.

I’m confused.

uuuhhhmmm, yeah

less confusing posts, more hampsters rested


whatever floats your boat.

Bugs the hell out of me, too, Stoid.

It’s better if you offset the list by one:

less sex, fewer meals
less love, fewer partners
less war, fewer lovers
less fat, fewer battles


More cites, fewer dumbfounded looks.

Amen! I get memos all the time at work with “less hours” , “less incidents” and generally less of everything else. It makes me less likely to listen to my superiors. I am reading fewer and fewer of their memos.

how I long for the days when haiku was popular.

I confess, I have absolutely no idea what that means in context, wring. I am Stumpy.

And Jane…heheheh. Good one.

Less filling, tastes great.

No, no, wait a minute…

No, FEWER confusing posts, you dolt. Keep up. :smiley:
Stoid: THANK YOU. It needed to be said.

Ackshully… good question…is the subject the confusion, of which there would be less, or the posts, of which there would be fewer?


And White, I just hope some people who were always confused about it find clarity.

Less ignorance, fewer fools.

Alternatively, less confusing posts, fewer dopers confused. :wink:


That is my biggest grammar-related pet peeve.

No way can you have less cars.

It occurs to me that this is a sincere question and hasn’t been answered.

Yes, exactly.

singular: less plural: fewer

It took me about half the list befire I got what you were driving at, stoid, but I wholly concur.

But I’m still confused about

In fact, it’s possible to have more sex with fewer partners (or even less sex with more partners). However, no one could argue with:

Not that there’s anything wrong with promiscuity. :smiley:

Well, I wasn’t always making a direct correlation, and that one actually occurred to me. Another is fat/pounds… you could have less fat and more pounds…of muscle.