Less semen, Fewer sperm, bloody hell!

Oh sorry- I thought this was the "ten replies or less
" thread, but then I got caught up in the “less sex, more partners” magazine that I was reading while I was on line, and I must have followed the lady with the fewer buns without thinking. I don’t even like fewer buns typically. I just came in for the pie. Mmmmm pie. And of course, if you look further at the pie, the more pie, the further pie (and what is “rthe” between friends) you can develop a real craving for pie. Not to mention burger. Mmmm burger. Further burger. Mmmmm nummy nums.


Damn right, Stoid! This always bothers me. I know of only one grocery store that describes their Express Lane as “X items or fewer”. All the others I’ve been in incorrectly say, “X items or less”. With that wording, the customer should expect to pay less if they have an amount of items not equal to X.

Thank you Stoid! We’ve got a new thread in GD which says something about “Less Cars”. I was considering saying that back when I drove a Metro convertible, it would have been very difficult to have “less car”.

Now, should I bust december for saying Ashcroft “coauthored” a book? You write books, not author them!

Here endeth the grumble.

Or is that “fewer are more?”

Oh, and, “If less is more, just think how much more more would be!” - Frasier Crane.

Wouldn’t this be a case of “verbing weirds language”?
manhattan… You almost lost me with that one. PhiloVance, if that was what you meant, I sincerely apologize.

winkie winkie winkie!

less filling, fewer greats?

Les Nesmans

Fewer Herbs?

Every body else gets it. Making jokes, riffing on it.

And I haven’t a clue. My brains have turned to cheese.

Actually, I’d be just as happy with either or both less confusing posts and fewer confusing posts! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, you are doomed to both more suffering and greater suffering.

Les Brown’s, fewer Bands of Renown?

Is that strictly true?

Semen contains many other compounds than sperm itself. Sperm count could, I imagine, vary slightly independently of seminal volume.

Besides, “sperm”, not “semen” is the plural of sperm.

Fewer brains, less cheese?

…come again?

Isn’t it spelled “hamsters”, without the “p”?

Less fish, fewer fish

Les Claypool, Fewer Songs

Irregardless of you’re opinion on these topic, Stoid, these mistakes don’t effect you many, or words to that affect. Basically, I think it’s complicated. Me and you know language is hard for peoples who don’t know as much as I and you, so their is no reason to have a temper greatly more inflammible as a dry kindling.

I read the whole thread, and now “fewer” no longer looks like a real word. Darn it.