Less-Well Known "Halls of Fame"

We all know about the Baseball Hall of Fame, and the Foootball equivilent, and the Rock& Roll HOF. But doe other professions have these things? Like accountants-is there a HOF celebrating the lives of famous accountants? Or lawyers-or undertakers?Years ago, the NATIONAL LAMPOON Magazine had a report about an accountant’s HOF-just reading the descriptio made me decide never to visit the place!
Why on earth would anyone think that such a place would ever be a tourist attraction? I visited a rather obscure museum once-it was the LONGYEAR MUSEUM (Brookline, MA). It was devoted to stuff about important pople in the Christian Science Church-it was totally boring! I was alone in the place!

We need a Straight Dope hall of Fame! I can see it now…printouts of great posts; maybe a place where you could see someone’s 10,000th post. We’d retire great screennames. People would talk about that time that so-and-so went an entire year without missing a post!

I’ll pay for admission!

why yes, I am a dork. Why do you ask

Most of them are NOT intended to be a tourist attraction, but just to honor outstanding members of a field or profession.

We have the “Minnesota Horsemen’s Hall of Fame” here, in the Coliseum at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds. People showing their horses, or spectators see it a lot. But we don’t really expect it to draw a lot of tourists.

Here’s a local favorite http://www.bowlingmuseum.com/ This is both a museum & the official Hall of Fame for the PBA and other bowling-related sanctioning bodies.

There’s a Clown Hall of Fame in Wisconsin. This was brought to national attention a few years back when the Clown Hall of Fame had a controversy of who was the original Bozo the Clown- Larry Harmon or Vance “Pinto” Colvig. (It was Colvig, who was also the original voice of Walt Disney’s Goofy, who was the original Bozo, who was created for Capitol Records. Harmon later bought the Bozo character and made an empire out of it.)

Would you consider the National Toy Hall of Fame as meeting the OP’s requirements?
Though, AIUI, it’s a fairly popular exhibit.
Egads, when did they nominate the cardboard box as a Hall of Fame toy? I don’t exactly disagree, it is a classic toy, and all sorts of things can be done with one, but I really thought the HOF was for developed toys that really hit it off, rather than something that became a toy without any any development besides that the child brings to it.

According to the website, the criteria for a toy to enter the Toy Hall of Fame are that the toy must be well-recognized, stand the test of time, encourages creativity or learning, and revolutionized the way children play. I’d say the cardboard box falls under all four of those.

There’s the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.

We also have a Shoe Museum. :slight_smile:

OKC is home to the Cowboy Hall of Fame and The Soft-ball Hall of Fame.
My dresser if home to the Single Sock Hall of Fame.

I bet New York has a Halls of Fame Hall of Fame. It’s probably a school building showcasing all the great hallways that appeared in the TV show Fame

Volleyballers, Snowmobilers, Cowgirls, Science Fiction types, Australian Stockmen all have bricks ‘n’ motrar halls of fame.

Of course, if you want to get really obscure, surely we can wait for Michael or Dwight to get the call :dubious:

I wasn’t aware that my hometown had a Hall of Fame until my father was inducted into it last year.

Barber Hall of Fame is in Ohio.

Yeah, that’s something to see, I bet.

Somewhere off of I-35 between Minneapolis and Dallas, closer to MN, there is the Teachers Hall of Fame.

It is in Emporia, Kansas.

(my emphasis).
Why do I get the sneaking suspicion that the science teacher wing is really small?

There is the Weightlifting Hall of Fame convienently located next to the York Barbell Factory. I see it everyday since I live nearby.

The Negro Leagues baseball museum & HoF (in Kansas City, MO)

Thers’s the National Aviation Hall of Fame in Dayton, OH.

Someone’s already mentioned the Bowling Hall of Fame in St. Louis.

The College Football Hall of Fame, which used to be located in King’s Mills, OH but has since moved to South Bend, IN.

And, of course, for shooters of trap and their fans, the Trapshooters Hall of Fame in Vandalia, OH.

If you go to St. Louis to see the Bowling HOF but miss the Steel Guitarists HOF you’ll never be able to forgive yourself!

Googling randomly …
Pro wrestlers
Geotechnical engineers
Distance runners
Jewish sports

And, in a case of reality imitating Mad Magazine, Accountants