(Lesser Known) Celebs and their New Faces

Got any links to pictures of someone we probably haven’t seen in a while, and good/bad/otherwise attempts to recapture their youth?

More as I find them, but here’s one I stumbled across today - Joe Jackson (the musician)

AUGH! That’s horrifying!

That was the flattering one…Say it ain’t so, Joe…

I just saw a video with it. I think he got cheek implants. He was never a good-looking man to begin with, but now he looks like a freak: http://www.prefixmag.com/media/joe-jackson/steppin-out-f-the-roots-live-on-fallon-video/53110/

Holly Cole has either had work done, or is addicted to Botox. Here is a live video from 1995. Same song shot in 2011. Damn shame.

:confused: You maybe meant this one?

As for the good (not capturing youth but moving up the stardom ladder)

Not a lesser known celeb, but I didn’t realize how much Megan Fox changed her look.

Kate Beckinsale’s change was apparent in hindsight (I had seen “Cold Comfort Farm”) but is much more impressive viewed side-by-side.

I guess these are the types of improvements that keep the nightmares out of each prospective new client’s minds…

Janine Turner as flaky bush pilot Maggie O’Connell from “Northern Exposure”, circa 1990.

And Janine Turner as Tea Party spokesperson in 2012.

Oops! Thanks for the correct link.

I don’t thing that the 20 year difference between the two pictures makes her current look all that bad, she simply looks about 20 years older. <shrug>

I should grab a picture of myself in high school and scan it in, and get a similar pose done by mrAru so contrast-and-compare me.

The linked picture makes it look worse then it is. She doesn’t look that bad in other recent photos I’ve seen of her.

I’d actually say she’d aged well if it weren’t for her going for the blonde, big hair look, which looks terrible on anyone (and for whatever reason seems really popular with conservative, middle-aged woman), and is doubly noticeable on her since its the polar opposite of the brunette, tom-boy cut she had on Northern Exposure.

I second that. Turner actually still looks great. Blond just doesn’t seem to work for her.

I’ve been watching Alphas, and I was sad to see Lauren Holly now looks like this. Then sadder when she had to angrily confront another character and her face didn’t change expression.

Looks to me like the only change involves hair color and tanner. Despite the URL of the link, her nose and teeth look exactly the same in both photos.

I was thinking the same thing. What are the dates on those two pics? What did she alledgedly have done?

This isn’t a thread about celebs who look terrible. The OP makes a point of stating good OR bad. The thread is about minor celebs who have radically changed their looks in an effort to look more useful. Anf slapping a big-haired blonde wig looks pretty radically different for Ms. Turner.

Yeah, he has got sort of a “Howdy Doody” thing going on there. I believe if you look closely, you can just make out the strings.

I first got to know Janine Turner in her soap opera days, so the blonde look is more familiar to me.

Her hair is grey and that wig is simply her hair not cut to be a perky elfin little shag.

Well, maybe you guys are right - she just grew up (and nicely too).

goodplasticsurgery.com website says “Kate Beckinsale seemingly has had rhinoplasty, gum reduction, veneers, and a good brow plucking since her 1998 sashay down the red carpet at the ‘Broken Palace’ premiere in the before photo.”

Here’s another pic for comparison - Kate Beckinsale old/new