Let me be real clear: this message board does NOT need conservatives

Not asahi, of course, but:
looks pretty good from a brief reading. (Their captcha isn’t too difficult.)

There’s also

Another one from a couple years back, nonquantitative in nature:

I also found a couple sites with some raw-ish data on unauthorized immigration in general:

They have a table of “Southwest Border Apprehensions” that shows the NAFTA-created crisis of the 1990’s in sharp detail, given the typical assumption that apprehensions are linearly related to illegal immigration activity.

and the government has plenty at:

The difference is, there’s a mountain of evidence supporting the notion that the Capitol riot was an attempted insurrection. On the contrary, there’s very little evidence that BLM associated protests were encouraged by left wing radicals. That is largely a fiction. And by now, I can’t excuse you for not knowing - there’s a difference between “I honestly didn’t know” and “No, no, no, no!” You’re being willfully ignorant because it isn’t compatible with your belief system. As I said, loyalty to ideology over the facts.

The reason why I call you and other conservatives out is because this insistence on a commitment to your baseless belief system is dangerous. It means that you are incapable of reaching consensus with others, and guess what, bud: democracy and liberty don’t function very well when one side says “Fuck compromise.” It puts the rest of us in danger. You live in a world of reactionary, superstitious fear of things you don’t understand and refuse to understand - and the rest of us have to bear the consequences when people on ‘your side’ react out of that fear. I am fucking sick and tired of living in that world.

Good post and articles.

@DemonTree you’ve been flogged in this thread, and frankly, I’ve felt inclined to say similar things, but I will give you credit for responding in earnest to my posts. I felt like we’ve at least had a relatively thoughtful conversation - at least between you and me.

Carry on.

DemonTree seems to me to be improving lately. There were some posts earlier in this thread – as well as quite recently – that appeared to me to be actual discussion.

– I had finally had a chance to partially work out some response to posts several days ago; but coming back to the thread now I’m not at all sure there’s any sense in bothering to respond to something now about 300 posts back in the thread.

Yeah, a nice jib-cut.

Meh, I did, FWIW

edit: especially if you feel it was not sufficiently addressed back then, hence my (intra?)thread de-zombie-ing.

Let me recap why I pitted the supposedly ‘rational’ conservative D_Anconia.

There you have it. D_Anconia was on using “CDC guidance” when it supported his worldview, and then dropped them like a heavy sofa when it didn’t. That is so motherfucking dishonest - and people like D_Anconia, Octoputz, and others know it. They’re just trolling or being otherwise facts-resistant.

That is disingenuous. That’s the opposite of fighting ignorance. That’s fighting to defend ego and ignorance. And that is why I created this thread, to expose this horse shit for what it is. I don’t give a god damn if some middling, know-nothing “moderates” like @panache45 or @Oredigger77 don’t like it. They just want consensus and peace. People who want good things, who want a society based on pluralism and inclusion don’t have that option anymore. We are forced to be militaristic assholes. Don’t blame me for being a militaristic asshole in defense of a value system that has worked well for all of us but is now under attack. Blame the assholes who a) attack this ethic and b) those who moderate and refuse to defend the values most of us here on SDMB have long subscribed to.

You’re a militaristic asshole the same way the drunk at the end of the bar is. You make a lot of noise about fighting, while drinking your evening away. Then you go home to masterbate about how tough you were. Everyone else just thinks your annoying and wishes the bouncer would throw you out.

I’m sorry you don’t like what you see in the mirror mother fucker.

There is that “I’m rubber you’re glue” wit you’re so famous for.

You’re a weak, limp dick mother fucker who has no values. You are a bitch man who has no spine and no beliefs about anything. There is nothing you would die for other than your own self-centered shit.

Ouch, you’ve wounded me. Please, go find a cause you would die for.

Fuck off and don’t contribute to this thread if you’re just going to be a limp dick.

I think now asahi is reverting to his previous form.

Vodka is a hell of a drug… :slight_smile:

Wow, that has to be one of the weirdest cases of junior moding I’ve ever seen.

I guess you’d prefer me to be a rock hard cock? Maybe all up in your shit? I’m really not sure where to go with such a weird insult.

You’re a moronic, limp dick, weak ass poster. Just shut the fuck up and stop posting on threads where you’re in over your head - like this one. It’s real easy. Just don’t respond.

Sounds like a plan. Make sure you love yourself extra hard tonight since you were such a big tough hard man tonight. No one else does.

I will preempt you: SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! STOP POSTING!

I just might. I just might.

Loving myself extra hard. Loving myself extra hard.

I hate to interrupt someone mid stroke but point out where I’ve been unscientific. I just don’t get that critique. I’m not confused by 2nd grade biology nor do I exploit it to advance a bankrupt ideology but I digress.

And asahi, if you are going to ridicule a message board name at least don’t plagiarize the mean girls.

God damn, fuck Discourse for its AI shit.