Let me elucidate something for you, elucidator...

Piffle. You’ve only used this lame line twice, and already I’m sick of it. The left does not have a monopoly on rational debate and inquiry. And, based on your posts on the matter, it’s quite clear to me that we also do not all possess the tools necessary to fight ignorance. Cut it out.

Looks to me like the guy is frustrated with logic and common sense, I see a lot of that with the misguided souls who lean to the right.

You think elucidator leans to the right?

What makes right-wingers any more or less “misguided” than left-wingers?

Has to be the most hilarious post in SDMB history.

Yeah, that bastard right-wing nutball. Get back to Free Republic before we throw you out!

And take that damn Stiod chick with ya. Is wring still here cos she can go to ?

No worries cheddarsnax. The God of Sarcastic Lefties is already on his way to smite elucidator with the Fire of a Thousand Suns !

You misunderstand his line of thought.

The board is ostensibly used for rational inquiry and reasonable debate. Despite the current hot topics, I believe this to be true.

Recent outcries have accused the board of being left-oriented, both in membership and moderation.

Therefore, elucidator is implying that the right-wingers consider rational inquiry and reasonable debate to be trademarks of leftist thought.

Given the current outcries, this is not a wholly implausible line of reasoning, if a bit too partisan for my tastes.

Any time that you try to shoehorn your perception of anything that’s anything less than absolutely simplistic into something that can be described in terms of a one-dimensional spacial metaphor, you’re pretty much obligated to kick rational argument to the curb.

“Hi, Mom! Yes, its me. Look, I just had to call and tell you this. I’ve been Pitted! No, I’m not kidding, I’m looking at it right now! Well, no, not really, its kinda lame, truth be told…”

You missed the telling point there, Chedd. Its contained in the words “what you regard”. By which I mean to say, I don’t believe that the board has a leftward tilt, particularly. Can’t say as I give it much thought.

It was others who complained about a leftward bias, most specificly Sam. I then tweaked him about that, as you have quoted. In his efforts to avoid the question, he twisted it around and stuffed its head up its ass, to the effect that it was my thesis that the board a) has a leftist tilt and that b) that was a result of the higher level of smarts displayed here. Which distortion your OP echoes. Ain’t so.

Certainly the lamest pitting i’ve seen in a while.

And county, you might want to branch out a bit and read some of elucidator’s threads before you accuse him of being a right winger.

I assume you must be excluding your own posts from the competition, because you manage to induce hysterical chuckling just about every time you contribute to a discussion.

Well, I am on the conservative wing of the extreme left.

Can I mention 1920’s-style death rays this time? It’s my turn, dammit!

But if you do, God will kill… oh, I suppose that’s another one that drives Polycarp nuts.

Apparently, this involves some definition of “contribute” with which I’m not familiar. :wink:

I’m guessing here…but If Mr Elucidator is right wing…that must make me middle of the road.

That can’t be right.

Can it?

Moderate Reeder, moderate. That way when you speak, you are a moderator, and get to wear a special hat.

** Boris! ** Darling! I couldn’t be prouder! <sniff> That’s my boy!

Actually Elucidator’s probably used the old “Why then is this board dedicated to fighting ignorance composed mostly of lefties” six or seven times.

Yeah he does it a lot, and it’s annoying but it’s better than last year when he kept telling us about this one time… when he has in band camp…

Hark! Be that the sound of a chain being yanked again . . .