Let me be real clear: this message board does NOT need conservatives

Somebody hear a buzz?

That’s rich from someone whose entire corpus of conversation consists of “you guys are a hive mind”.

Supporting liberal values like equality and individual liberty, private property and individual rights, limited constitutional government, pluralism, toleration, autonomy, bodily integrity and consent. Supporting social democracy with a stronger safety net, universal healthcare, higher taxes on the rich. Voting for left-wing parties. That kind of thing.

I didn’t. I was just highlighting that they are kind of scarce around here.

Mollusk, please. @Gyrate roasted you so good, that the food tasters had to call the police forensic laboratories for a positive identification.

DISCLAIMER: I didn’t read the entirety of this thread, which seems to be moving at the speed of light.

The title should be “This board does not need conservatives in the political forums.”

Try to remember (could be a song…) that political threads do not make up the entirety of the SDMB. Back in the days when politics was not a life & death enterprise, I never even looked in the Elections forum (as it was known back then) or the Pit. So let’s keep in mind that @asahi’s premise is about the political discussions here.

We also discuss food, movies, pets, travel, home improvement projects, science, and bunches of other stuff.

That is all. Carry on. I’m outta here.

I’d just as soon take guidance from you on “good faith discussion” as I would attend a seminar on racial tolerance conducted by H.P. Lovecraft.

You, more than anyone else here, are guilty of ascribing the labels “conservative” and “racist” to any position within the liberal spectrum that you don’t personally agree with or find leftist enough, and even of specifically accusing individual people of getting their opinions from Donald Trump, including on topics which Trump has never discussed. Of course, you have the privilege of attacking posters in the debate fora in this disingenuous, personalized way and never getting sanctioned for it, because that’s how the deck is stacked.

You derail every thread you post in by accusing people of holding “conservative” positions of no relevance to the topic - barely a week ago you entered a thread about the way in which the rules of the Pit forum are applied to accusations of racism and out of nowhere accused everyone else of being an anti-vaxxer.

The idea that “everyone who disagrees with me about anything for any reason is part of a conspiracy that holds every bad idea I can conceive of” is about as far from dealing in reality or good faith discussion possible, and you are the absolute king of dragging that notion into every fucking thread.

And what the hell does that have to do with Gyrates very thorough low by blow knock down of your previous post? He never mentions fascists or Trump. Anytime you are presented with an argument that you don’t have a good response for you simply reply with a complete non-sequitor insult.

It’s boring as hell. we might as well just program @discbot for random combinations of hivemind, liberal, woke, deplorable, Mao and Stalin and then you wouldn’t have to post.

Well thanks for showing all what an idiot you are, that reply (and I explained this on that thread too) was for another poster that in general insisted that many current conservatives were not following crazy things. I also pointed at the craziness of most Republican still following the big lie from Trump.

So, yeah. Craziness, bad faith and lying are what conservatives like you do bring to the forum. There are other more reasonable conservatives, even in this thread, that noticed your reprehensible behavior already.

I’m sure you would, judging by your posts in the school admissions threads you and Lovecraft would agree on a lot when it comes to race.

It was a total non-sequitur, and a wildly off-topic post that any other poster would have got at least a mod note for. I swear you must have blackmail material on the mods or something.

Yeah, I’m sure HP would love my consistent stance against the anti-Asian racist pig shit that you and GIGOBuster gleefully roll around in across those threads, and my consistent call to stop using racial preferences in determining who benefits from government policies. You’ve got it all figured out.

“We have to be racist to avoid being racist and people who don’t want to be racist are the real racists” is one of the most fucked-up stars in the galaxy of leftist orthodoxy, and the fact that you’re flogging it in a thread about how you are so unimpeachably correct that no dissent should be allowed in the debate fora is just a stunning display of lack of self-awareness.

Yeah, you’re both REAL happy with a school that doesn’t let in any black kids. You’re both convinced that some races are inherently superior to others.

I don’t know what school you’re talking about. The one we were discussing in the thread where you and GIGOWordSoup so thoroughly embarrassed yourselves that your friends on the mod staff forbade ever bringing up the topic again certainly has had black students in every class since it opened over 35 years ago.

Again, this is the thorough command of reality and commitment to good faith deployment of facts that makes you so right that disagreeing should be bannable.

Again, not true when you tried to make many of the current conservatives, and the media they consume, to be as reasonable as you wanted to paint them on that thread.

You’d know all about complete non-sequitors in ATMB that any poster should have been warned for:

“I have deemed your position on this issue to be ‘conservative’, here is another position I believe ‘conservatives’ hold that no one in this thread has mentioned in any way, position 2 is wrong, therefore you, a conservative, are wrong” is exactly the kind of ridiculous non-logic that you are being accused of constantly using to blow up threads. If you are now admitting to using it then stop arguing when people say you do so.

I honestly don’t know if you’re too stupid to understand why that reasoning is fallacious, or smart enough to use it along with your conveniently varying English skills to strategically destroy conversations that aren’t going the way you like. Either way, you’re one of the shittiest posters here and a prime example of how the moderation bias is exploited to make any “good faith” discussion impossible.

Sorry, you’re right, they let in the token amount of black kids that lets asswipes like you pretend that there isn’t a problem.

Cuomo has had multiple, public accusations of sexual harassment and assault yet he’s still going strong.

To me this illustrates part of the problem. Nothing you said is wrong and in a bubble it largely goes uncontested but I don’t think it paints an accurate picture.

Neither knocking down a straw person or engaging in a mutual masturbation session in the hive are noteworthy.

Nope, that is you actually denying what the right wing media and many “leaders” are doing right now.