Let me be real clear: this message board does NOT need conservatives

The person pointing out that the roof is leaking may be just as proud of the house as the person who wants to ignore the situation. Possibly more so, because ignoring the leak may lead to the whole place falling down: so the person who draws attention to the leak may be motivated at least in part by concern for proper care for the building that they’re proud of, while the person who’s angry at having the leak pointed out may be proud, not of the building, but only or primarily of what they think of as their own roofing skills.

So… it slants?

I answered humor with humor. Clear enough?


Did you see earlier when I asked @JohnT why he thought I was on the right, and his answer was basically that I spend my time criticising the left? It’s not an entirely unreasonable assumption, in either case.

Oh me too. Guess it didn’t work… :pensive:

I wonder where @Babale has got to? Hope he’s just on holiday and hasn’t caught Covid or something…

I don’t think that pointing out the leak in the roof is equivalent to saying that it’s reasonable to object to having the leak pointed out, no.

No, no. The question is whether it is reasonable to assume that someone who criticises the left a lot must be a conservative, or someone who criticises their own country a lot really dislikes it rather than being proud of it.

Oh, go fuck a Trump, you disingenuous gaslighting asshat.

For the past 5 plus years, American conservatives have done nothing but bitch about things like shuttered factories like tombstones on the landscape, black and brown people and their crimes and drugs, gays parading around thinking they are people……they do nothing but bitch about how America is different from it was in the days when rich people had a 91% marginal tax rate. Except when they bitch about having to pay taxes.

Seriously, you should smash your fingers with a hammer, think of it as vaccinating the internet against the spread of your particular brand of stupid. Public health, you know.

The reasons for and type of the criticism would need to be comparable.

And, while we’re at it:

I shouldn’t have fallen into following that terminology in the first place. “Dislike” or “hate” are not the opposite of “proud of”. It’s perfectly possible to like and/or love someone a great deal, but not to be proud of something that they’re doing at the moment. Ditto a country.

And – yeah, @Ann_Hedonia has a point. People on the right criticize America all the damn time. They’re in no position to claim that people on the left must hate the place more than they do on the grounds of how much criticism is produced.

A ‘10’ for originality. Well done.

I’m surprised to see you say that. I think both are understandable but wrongheaded. As you said, criticising something can be a sign that one wants to improve it, and even that the person fears what may happen if the problems aren’t addressed. And with politics in particular, it makes no sense to assume someone’s views from what they don’t support, without enquiring what they do believe. Maybe it’s a sign of the current absurd tribalism - if you’re not one of ‘us’, you must be one of ‘them’. No other position is possible.

I wouldn’t expect you to be proud of everything your country is doing. That would scarcely be possible. Surely there are some things you are proud of, though?

Too bad; I put her on ignore a while ago for being gratuitously hateful and vile.

+1 (since we’re too backwards here for a like button). Nicely done.

Whereas you have been unfailingly polite.

I haven’t. I’m not always tactful, and I’ve attacked people back a few times. But I don’t want to hurt anyone, and I don’t want to spend my time feeling angry because of assholes on the internet, so I use the ignore function for the worst offenders.

Even so, posting here has made me rather depressed about the state of humanity. I used to be idealistic, but now I think Asahi is right: the world is likely to become a lot less free in future.

Although obviously hyperbolic, this still violates the board rule against wishing harm - including self harm - on other posters. Please avoid using this sort of imagery in the future.

No warning issued.


(Gods, it’s been ages since we’ve had a decent one of those, hasn’t it?)

DT is just a run-of-the-mill concern troll, right? She whines and whines and whines about the supposed sins of the left, all while insisting that she considers herself left of center and would never ally with the likes of Trump.

Definitely not run-of-the-mill. In fact, I think it would be grossly unfair not to acknowledge her exceptional efforts and skills.

She just comes across like a female SlackerInc to me - same autodidact tone, similar racist undercurrent, same transparent “I’m not a Rightie (but I only target leftists)” bullshit. Only real difference is the alleged Englishness and lack of an ACT to wave around. Hell, ol’ Slack even had a bit of the old transphobia going. Not to the same degree, of course. You could say it’s her signature move.