Let me bore you with... Vacation pics!

Presented without comment, save this: Katy at the art gallery suggested I take lots of photos of beautiful things, to get ideas for paintings. Too bad I didn’t have my camera with me then. The most beautiful thing I saw on my vacation was… Katy.

Enjoy the (hopefully) eye candy.


Harbor Forest

Yeah, it sucks, but it almost sold




Good coffee, good girls

What an ass

Red Clay

Yeah, I know, but she’s probably got a good personality

Balancing Act I

Balancing Act II

Balancing Act III

Balancing Act IV

Balancing Act V

It sucks, but it sold

Flying Horses



Wesley Hotel

It sucks, but I’m hoping to trade it for more vacation time

One more comment: Yes, there is nudity in a couple of the pictures. But you really have to zoom in to see it. Ladies (and gay men), zoom yourselves into a frenzy.

Huh, I guess your own vacations are always more interesting than someone else’s. Oh well, I’ll use my free bump then let this thread bury itself.

I liked your pictures of balanced rocks.
I plan to do some of that myself when I get out to the coast next month.

Thanks. I’ve only seen that at that particular beach. It’s rather eerie, I think. That, the amazing cliffs (and the people who illegally paint their bodies with the clay), and the rampant nudity give the place a sort of unearthly quality. It’s like the normal rules of reality don’t really apply there.

There’s something vaguely creepy about a strange man taking pictures of (relatively) young girls in short skirts and swimwear from behind them.

Other than that though, lovely pictures.

Yeah, that kind of skeeved me, too. Did they know you were taking the pictures, tdn?

What was up with the one labeled “I’m sure she’s got a great personality”–isn’t that what you say about people you think are unattractive?

Yeah, it felt a bit skeevy at the time. I shouldn’t have done it. It’s just that I was thinking that that island has the most beautiful girls on the planet (after the Dope of course), and it’s too bad that I’ll not see them again for another year. Then it occurred to me that I had a camera, and hey! A stupid idea is born. In my defense, though, the personality girl walked into the frame, unplanned by me.

As for my comment about her, it was deliberate irony.

I can see my grandfathers house in “sunset”.

The balancing act ones remind me vaguely of some clip they used to show on Sesame Street. There was like a crowd of pebbles, and selected ones would come out and get on the pile…I loved that clip.

Oh, yeah, nice pictures, tdn! Hope you had a great time.