What have you taken pictures of lately?

The latest post in this thread made me think about what I’ve taken pictures of in the last week.

In the past week, the pictures I’ve taken have included:

My siblings and their spouses in front of the Mystery Hole in Ansted, WV. Also got a beautiful shot, from the Mystery Hole parking lot, of the New River Gorge. I’m now using that photo as my desktop.

Various car parts to be auctioned on eBay

A building on the campus where I work (said photo for a university publication)

My cat with lots of paper heaped on his back. My son had stacked the paper on the cat, and when I told him about stuffonmycats.com, he insisted I take the photo.

The hornets’ nest in the rhododendron in front of my house, so I could identify the hornets.

What have you photographed this week?

Hmmm well let’s see

A run down abandoned bait store

Powder blue picnic tables

A tray of fake meat that I made

My shoes, cuz well they are cool

The bottom of a pizza box (but that is because it was the only white thing around and I needed to change the white balance to take the pictures of my shoes)

Well that is last night and today. Trust me you don’t want me to go back further than that.

The Grand Canyon and Monument Valley, my family, some pictographs and petroglyphs, and my cats.

Over the past few weeks I’ve taken the following photos:

  • Several photos of friends in a bar last night.
  • Plum Island in Newburyport, MA
  • kite flying and what I did to the poor poor string
  • the beach in general
  • Old Orchard Beach, ME
  • the pier
  • the shops
  • the beach and beach goers
  • constuction
  • Ultimate Frisbee

pictures from most of these are in my blog.

Also took pictures of Plum Island. Or more specifically, a sunset over Joppa Flats which is close enough.

Took some pictures in Newburyport itself. A tomato hornworm from the yard. Pictures of boats. Dragonflies.

A couple of pics of my daughter two days ago, and a mess of pics at a family reunion this afternoon (which I haven’t downloaded off the camera yet).

Last Friday I took a GOB of pics at an American Idol concert… I’m talking… like 200 pics??? :dubious: Took some of my dogs the other day, cuddling.

That’s about it.

Yesterday I took a picture of a carrot that had a vagina.

Other than that, a couple of weeks ago I took a ton of pics on our trip to CA for my high school reunion, none of which are yet online because I don’t have the means to do so, at least not for another few weeks.

My last photographic adventure was in St. Louis right before I moved back down to school two weeks ago. We started in Forest Park then my friend and I walked Washington in downtown St. Louis down to the arch then up to the stadium. I wanted some good 'ol St. Louis landmark photos to print and put in my apartment here.

But I also had a nice hard fall that day, over an 8 inch curb I tried to hop over. Lucikily my camera survived. And I didn’t bleed too much.

I’ve been too stressed to be creative since I’ve moved in and started school.

I think I’ve figured out how to upload the pictures I mentioned earlier in the thread - including the best butt shot :smiley: Try this link

Here is a pic of pullinSon last week flying a Cessna over the DFW area. Bonus question to DoperPilots-- Look carefully at the instrument panel. There’s something very wrong. What is it?


I am not an avid photographer in any sense of the word, you just happened to catch me on the right week. So far I have taken pictures of:

My sister
All three of my bookcases
And of course myself for the doper pic thread

Over the course of 24 days:

Capital Reef National Park
Bryce Canyon NP
Zion NP
Both rims of the Grand Canyon
Aerial views of the Grand Canyon
Antelope Canyon
Glen Canyon rafting
Arches NP
Horseshoe Canyon
Canyonlands NP: Islands in the Sky
Canyonlands NP: The Needles
Natural Bridges
Monument Valley
Mesa Verde NP
Painted Desert
Petrified Wood NP

And boy, am I tired!

Well on Friday/Saturday I took many pictures of the seat back in front of me on the flight from Hawaii to Guam. :smack: No really I did it on purpose.
I was reading the manual and learning the camera. :slight_smile:
Since I have been here in Guam, I have taken several sunset and sunrise pictures. I will take a bunch more when I get a chance to drive around the island.

Well, since I’m a new mom, you can probably guess what all of my pics are:)

I have gotten a couple of cat pics, too - we can’t forget them.


Me holding a turtle.

Aside from a few photos of my car and the city, all the snaps I’ve taken over the past couple of months have been of my baby girl :slight_smile:

My kids at HersheyPark.

Lots of animals (including an albino wallaby, which we were able to pet) at an animal park a bit north of there.

Let’s see. I took pictures of a birthday celebration, and pictures of my sister.

Pictures of Disneyland!