Let me just express my anger...


Why, why must you not release it on DVD, Mr. Lucas, why?! Argh! Now I have to watch the damn thing on low-quality VHS.

Thank you, Mr. Lucas, thank you ruining my day.


Look Clueless-
I can see you’re really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill and think things over.


still trying to think of something witty to say here.

now there’s a reference you don’t see every day

Let me just echo Clueless’ opinion, and say Lucas, get on the fucking DVD bandwagon. I love Star Wars and DVD, yet am at a loss to marry the two. Is there a film out there which needs the DVD quality picture and THX sound more than the Stra Wars series to be fully appreciated?

Hopefully he’ll see fit to take advantage of the High Definition DVD front in a couple of years.

Says Omni:

Maybe you meant “Straw ars” and wanted another felching thread?

You are now leaving a “Smiley-free zone”!

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No. I will not bite.


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Coldfire, that’s good, because as far as I’ve heard, biting is NOT supposed to be involved in felching. That’d just be painful. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Word onna street is he’s gonna wait for all six movies to come out and then release one big ol’ boxed-set Star Wars mamma-jamma.

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What should I do? Buy a 600 line resolution TV & a DVD player to watch it? Is DVD all that much better?

handy, quite simply, yes, but the sound is the biggest advandtage in the DVD experience. So in your case you may be best served to wait for High Definition DVD which will boost resolution to a much higher degree. But one upside to current DVD is that they all come subtitled, so consider that as a advantage. Current DVDs are noted for their sound quality and durability, the picture is somewhat better than a new VHS, and much better than a worn VHS, but not worth revamping your entire entertainment system if the money is tight.

That’s what I thought Omni. Also, getting DVD rentals nearby is another challenge. They are going to get some at the local store Monday.

Must be nice not having to rewind them, eh?

Well, heck, Handy, just rent from NetFlix.com and get DVDs delivered to your door. Keep 'em for a week, then mail 'em back. They have a bigger selection than any rental place, anyway.

Not having to rewind, jumping straight to your favorite scene, nifty extras, no changing tapes during three-hour movies, crystal-clear freeze-frame… there’s lotsa reasons to go for DVD. One thing that I love (yeah, I know, doesn’t matter to you, handy) is the lack of VCR wheezing, grinding, spinning tape noise while the movie is playing. That alone is worth the price to me. Nothing spoils those quiet dramatic moments faster than the sound of my VCR whirring away.

On the subject of Star Wars: I encourage everyone to boycott the VHS release of The Phantom Menace. The only way Lucas will listen is if we hit him in the pocketbook.

And one more thing on the Special Editions, which are probably all we’ll ever get on DVD: besides adding little floating robots and whatnot, Lucas made some more, shall we say, wussifying changes. I have a QuickTime side-by-side comparison that shows a blaster fight from the original Star Wars and the Special Edition version. Playing full speed, the scenes appear highly identical. On frame-by-frame, though, you can see that Lucas lengthened some shots of the person firing to eliminate showing actual blaster “impacts”.

It’s one thing to add bells and whistles that you couldn’t have afforded in the original; it’s another to materially alter a film. Anyone else disgusted by this revisionism?

Hmmm. I guess the people at hometheatherforum.com feels the same way about the whole Star Wars on VHS thing.

Having Greedo shoot first is infuriating!!

And what a pathetic shot, for an f-ing bounty hunter! Sitting at a table, three feet away from your target, and you miss by a foot.