“Let’s Go Brandon” T shirt ads

I know SDMB, like most sites, does not control what ads they display. But this is a bridge too far. Goodbye.

AFAIK, you can report that ad to either the service providing the ads to this site or to the SDMB management–or to both. No reason to abandon the site for something over which the site management cannot control.

Leaving the SDMB is a pretty measured response. I confess that I was so outraged that I didn’t buy the T-shirt. I really do need to work on keeping my emotions in check.

I don’t see ads. But if I did, and I saw that one, I’d understand your response.

In B4 “well the ads are based on your search history, so what were you wearing when you saw the ad?”

Honestly this is par for the course, and somehow less upsetting than a website supposedly dedicated to fighting ignorance being filled with ads like “Soccer Mom discovers twelve neat tricks to banish belly fat! Dieticians hate her!”

The first part and the second part seem to conflict; you understand that those in charge of this website have only very limited control over the content of the advertising, and yet you are leaving over these ads?

Evidently not.

Well, let’s see if this flounce sticks.

I know Biden doesn’t control the weather, but this tornado is a bridge too far. Goodbye, I’m no longer voting for him.

A bunch of Saudis attacked us on 9/11, so we invaded Iraq, so …

Your analogy fails because while the SDMB doesn’t directly control ad content, they pick an ad provider to do business with, and that ad provider has full control over ad content.

If Biden’s cabinet had Thor, God of Thunder on it, and Thor was the one responsible for the weather on Biden’s behalf, and one of Thor’s tornados annoyed you - then you’d have a valid comparison.

I really doubt there is an ad provider that’s not going to have ads that piss off someone. And also, there’s the fact that the choice of ad provider isn’t up to any of the moderators, Ed Zotti or anyone else involved in the board. It’s almost certainly up to the parent company.

He said, Goodbye to you sir!

But now who will mantain our pinnipeds?

I’d buy that t-shirt. It does help that I have enough belly fat to allow space for all those words

Regardless of whether you think their reaction is over the top, I see an actual issue here. A good ad provider should not push clearly political ads. Hopefully, the issue is that they didn’t realize that’s what they were (given the whole point is to be a coded message). Hence the mods should report this up the chain and hopefully the ad provider will deal with it.

I’m just not a fan of mocking people for getting “too upset” about things that are still a legitimate issue. It’s not up to me to say where their level of offensiveness should be, and I don’t know what’s going on in their life that may have led them to be more frustrated or angry than usual. (I have a couple threads out there right now where I was scared and frustrated about needing to isolate, for example.)

Also, for that ad to come here and other places I’ve heard about, I have to wonder if these people are deliberately targeting more liberal sites to make people angry. They would essentially be using ad providers to troll. As such, I’m not going to mock the guy for falling for a troll. I prefer to just let them know about the possibility.

Yes, @seal_cleaner: I think you overreacted. It’s better to give the mods a chance to try to get rid of the ad. I hope you will come back after things calm down for you, or at least if the ad goes away. I would interpret your posts as saying you are gone until the ad goes away, so you wouldn’t be going back on your word or anything.

Also, I very much recommend adblock for sites who won’t fix their ads. Make it where having these types of ads is not financially viable. Adblockers won’t just hide the ad, but not display it, meaning they don’t make money off of even the view.

Putting political ads on a message board that has a “Politics and Elections” forum seems like a pretty good advertising strategy to me, assuming that you ignore the right wing T-shirt ad on a left leaning board.

Apparently, either the advertising engine doesn’t make that distinction or is marketing to a hypothetical “embattled minority”.

Speaking of which, just how much money does the message board earn from ads? I’m curious.

Based on some comments from Ed and TubaDiva in the past, I get the impression that we’re barely keeping the lights on. But really that’s just a guess. I don’t know the financial side of things. None of us at the moderation level have any access to that info.