Trump Advertisements

I’m getting Trump ads on the main site (Cecil’s columns). It’s from Adsense.

Just sayin’.



Why wouldn’t you?

I thought that we maintained a “no political ads” policy. If we do not have this policy, I think that we should.

I remember those long-ago days when SDMB members didn’t get ads at all, much less ads for Trump. Now I’ve seen the Great Orange Goon’s ads appear the last 3 times I’ve visited.

Because presumably the SDMB does not in any way endorse Trump, and doesn’t want to support him or take money to advertise for him. And usually there is a way to say “don’t accept ads from this group” or “don’t accept these types of ads.”

I would very much expect this to have come up in the past if the old board had these types of ads. That said, I’ve not seen ads the entire time I’ve been here, whether I was a member or not, so I can’t tell you for sure.

I do know that there was an ad for the main neo-Nazi party in Germany, and that TubaDiva got it removed from rotation once a German Doper informed her of it. But that was back in the vBulletin days.

It’s unclear to me if we’re using the actual Discourse servers. If so, then I suspect @codinghorror would know some stuff about how to select appropriate ads. If its our own servers, I don’t know if @Ed_Zotti would know or not, or if we have techs who could fix things.

If we ever did it’s been a while. I get a couple, The President’s poll is active ads per day for a while now. I answer them with my suckmydickdonnie email address.

While we’re discussing ads, do they pay for click throughs? I mean, they pay for views, but if I click on one is there an additional payment that benefits the message board, and a subsequent cost to the advertiser? And if so; do they track the user so that multiple clicks don’t result in multiple payments? Because I’ve been ignoring the ads until now, mostly because I’ve got them turned off, but if I could cost the Trump campaign even a penny or two by clicking that’s the kind of meaningless nonsense I’m capable of.

I don’t think tptb currently have any control over ads. Maybe that should be the next administrative priority. Or … maybe finding an administrator should be.

Just to clarify, these ads were on the main site (Cecil’s columns), not the message board. I wouldn’t expect codinghorror to have anything to do with that, except maybe that the webserver is hosted on their machine. But probably not.

For this site, I use Firefox without addons. My settings (strict Enhanced Tracking Protection with exceptions, eg: and happen to block or break advertisements on the message board. Normally I run a much more strict setup, however I couldn't get that working after the move to Discourse.


We are using actual Discourse servers.

We’ve also been warned to NOT have any direct communication to Discourse staff on Discourse-related issues, on pain of bamnation, but to go through SDBM channels (mods first, or an admin when we have one) first. ETA: It’s not at all clear how involved Ed still is, if at all.

@Senegoid I’m aware of the instructions, but, to be clear, I have not violated them, as far as I know. I wasn’t asking codinghorror to actually make changes, i.e. working around the staff, but simply asking for information about how the ad service works on Discourse.

My understanding of the issue was that some people were very upset about a moderating decision and tried to appeal to the tech staff to get them to force them to change their moderation. This is obviously not something they should be doing.

Thus asking for information about the Discourse software or making recommendations for changes to the Discourse software have still been allowed here. Just not trying to get them to override the mods/administration here. If this is not the case, then many Dopers should have been banned already, as we’ve been doing it quite a lot.

@puzzlegal I am glad that the search for a more active administrator is ongoing. I also note my suggestion for a single, trustworthy, tech-minded mod to have an account they only use by moderator consensus. Being tech-minded means they’ll know how to keep the account safe. That way you can have an active admin that is just “the mods”, i.e. people we know want to be engaged with the board.