I'm seeing ads again at the top of the page

Title says it all. Big banner between the Category Selector | New | Latest | Top and the first thread. I’m a charter member; those ads shouldn’t be there.

“Again”? Did they ever go away? I’ve been seeing them ever since the move to Discourse.

They did. I don’t recall seeing anything at the top of the page for a while, but this morning it was there with actual text from an advertiser, although luckily no pictures or videos. Now it just says Advertisement at the top of a big gap.

ETA: and the gap with the word Advertisement is also at the top of threads, not just at the top of the forum. There’s another at the bottom of the thread, too.

ETAAE: Damn, the advertising text is back, too.

(ETAAE = edited to add another edit)

I haven’t seen one yet. Should I feel deprived?

Naw, it’s gone again. Must have been some weirdness in the ether.

I just get empty boxes that say ADVERTISEMENT at the top and bottom of the page on my iPad.

I suppose I should mention, I’m on an Android phone using Chrome. I still see the banner ads at the top of the main SDMB page and each forum page. Nothing in individual threads though.

Windows 10 PC, Chrome browser, three adblockers (AdBlock Plus, Disconnect, and Privacy Badger).

This is what was on my page when I posted yesterday. It isn’t there anymore. (And here’s hoping this works, I’ve never used Google Photos.)

I’m logged in and am getting banner ads on the top of the menu page. I thought the entire point of being a paying member (and I have been since the option first became available) is that we would never see an ad again on this site?

New site, and they’re still working out the bugs. I was more letting TPTB know it had happened than anything else. The loss of @TubaDiva has put a real spanner in the works, although that is very far down the list of reasons we miss her.