"Let The Apparatus Operate" - What does it mean?

The other day on a drive to Indianapolis I was momentarily behind an RV with a spare tire on the back. The spare had a cover, and on the cover was a black man’s face (I could not make out who it was,) accompanied by the following words:

Let The Apparatus Operate

Could someone tell me what in the hell this means? I did a google search of that exact phrase, and nothing came up. What gives?

Christ almighty, I need an answer here!

It’s a bit of a long shot, but could it be connected with this?

The Giant logo could be mistaken for a picture of a black guy, and the line “Let The Apparatus Operate” sounds like the sort of thing that would turn up on a Giant sticker.

It sounds like something L. Farakhan would say…and then again, not.

Very curious. It sounds like an obfuscation to me … but of what? “Let the device work”? “Let the thing work”? Neither sound quite right.

From <http://dictionary.reference.com/>
ap·pa·rat·us ( P ) Pronunciation Key (p-rts, -rts)
n. pl. apparatus or ap·pa·rat·us·es
…2. A political organization or an underground political movement. Also called apparat.

The implication is to leave the subversive elements of society alone so they can do their dirty work!