Let there be light....

When God said, “Let their be Light:” and there was Light, the only begotten was born—the Light of the world (kosmos). By, in, and through the Light, the heavens and the Earth were born. Moreover, the heavens declare the Glory of God. Jesus is the Sun of Righteousness. Every sun shines through the darkness toward and onto each other creating a temple of Light.

We look out into the night sky with our naked eye, we see only a few thousand stars. When we look through a telescope, we are essentially raised and we see many more stars. If the telescope is large and powerful enough, we see only light. This is called the optical horizon by the astro-physicists. The heavens are declaring the Glory and the temple made up of the Father and the Son of God.

Psalm 19 says, “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.”

Now, bring that concept down to this planet. Jesus is the Light of the world. We who believe are the light of the world. Jesus the only begotten, brought to us the light and the glory. We who believe, are given to become Sons of God and lights shinning into the world of darkness.

Isaiah 60 says:
1 Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee.
2 For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the LORD shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee.
3 And the Gentiles shall come to thy light, and kings to the brightness of thy rising.

We are the glory and the handywork of God, via His Son, on the earth. We who believe are risen with Christ Jesus. Soon, the whole Earth will be covered with the Light and the Glory of God and there will be no darkness—a new heaven and a new earth. Every person residing on the earth will believe and there will be no death.

Jesus is here and manifest in the flesh of those who believe—for the world to see. Because of His death, burial, resurrection, and His ascension, I personally have been given to walk in the light of the Lord!—My hope is for every person to do the same, therefore, I preach the Gospel of the Kingdom and His righteousness.

Re 21:24 And the nations of them which are saved shall walk in the light of it: and the kings of the earth do bring their glory and honour into it.


That’s your viewpoint. I, on the other hand, regard believers as the victims and tools of the psychological virus called religion. Jesus was an ancient con man or lunatic who brought history’s greatest evil into existence, Christianity. “You who believe” are not “the light of the world”; you are a curse upon it, the human manifestion of a corruption, a madness eating away at humanity.

Silly nonsense, even if there was a God or your religion anything but a mental illness and con game. You’d never get every person on Earth to believe your particular brand of madness without lots and lots and lots of death. And your religion won’t save anyone’s life, much less raise them from the dead.

No, you are simply the vector of the disease that has eaten your mind. You are trying ( badly ) to spread the disease that is using you because it has reduced you to a tool of it’s expansion. A cold makes people cough and sneeze mucus to spread itself; your religion makes you sneeze it’s message onto this message board.

And Jesus is dead, and he’s going to stay dead.

Is this supposed to be a “generic religion debate”, or am I missing something?

I think he’s just witnessing. Apparently he feels he must.

Maybe? If you find out let me know, I might want to post here.

Oh that’s right. I forgot that GD was the designated forum for that.

Sorry, carry on.

Well, that’s what your holy book says. But my holy book says that yours is wrong.

Why do you think your holy book has more validity than mine?

It is?

They are?

Golly. Stephen Hawking’s sure gotten weird since he found Jesus.


  1. There are a finite number of stars in our galaxy. With a telescope we can see dimmer stars, but if there is no star in the direction you’re looking, you’re going to see outside the galaxy. Then you’ll see lots of other galaxies. At no point does it become a comple wash. (at least the way you’re decribing it)
  2. Optical horizion is how far you can see on the earth, due to the refraction of light by the atmosphere. It’s slightly farther than you could see of there was no atmosphere.
  3. Maybe you’re tring to describe cosmic background radiation? I hope you know that it is strong evidence for the Big Bang. CBR is much more of a (extremely) faint static that a sky full of light. Seeing as how an ice cube puts off stronger radiation, I wouldn’t exactly call it subernatural glory.

“And God said, ‘Let there be light’ and there was light. And then God went out to the fridge during the commercial break to get another soda. And then God’s mom said, ‘Look, damn it, turn off the lights when you leave the room. You’re wasting electricity and I’m sick of telling you.’ And God said, 'Well, if we’d switch to those CFLs like I keep trying to get you to do, it wouldn’t be a big deal.” And then God’s mom said, ‘Look, I already told you. I hate those things. They take too long to come on and give me a headache. And they don’t work properly when it’s cold. I don’t understand how you can stand them.’ And God said, “Well, if you were stuck under fluorescent lighting for 8 hours a day for the majority of your life, you’d’ve gotten used to it to. I’m telling you, that 60 watt incandesent bulb you’re using doesn’t light up the room properly. And besides, if you really want me to turn off the lights, spend some money and get a freaking Clapper.’ And God was then grounded for the rest of the weekend. And there was evening, and there was morning, and God spent it all pissed off because he couldn’t go see that new movie with his friends and couldn’t come up with a good way to sneak out of the house.”

I’m not sure how well Olbers’ Paradox works as a metaphor for evangelism. If we bring the concept down to this planet, it would seem to question how we can look in any direction without seeing a believer. However, if we invoke the mainstream explanation to the paradox, we must conclude that the multitude of believers is receding from us fast enough that their belief is rendered invisible by virtue of Special Relativity.

You’re out of line with this one.
Sneer at religion all you want. Criticize the ideas all you want. Attacking the posters is not included in what you are permitted in this Forum.

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Lightwait, thanks for such a humorous OP; It really cracked me up. Can we look forward to more of your comedy?

Lightweight ,do you believe in the rapture. I wonder because I have been told it is a relatively new concept?

I can’t help it. I read the OP and kept hearing Bon Scott.

I usually don’t agree with his antics, but that comment was clearly a sneer at religion and a critique of the OP’s idea. What’s the difference in saying “religion is a disease”, and “you have a disease called religion”. Both are attacking someone. The former attacks groups of people, the latter attacks only one. The difference?

I thought it was cleverly worded to look like an attack, but simply a statement stating that religion is a disease, and to cover your mouth when you preach it.

Exactly. And I wasn’t saying that he ( ? ) is bad, but that he’s sick.

Sorry. I don’t care how clever it is, it is a personal insult.

If you find Belief registered in the DSM-IV, you may (after establishing that the poster has the requisite symptoms) allude to their illness. Short of that, you are merely using an insult, just as someone who responded to your views regarding the U.S. military with “you’re sick” would be out of line.

That’s not what John says:

Christians ought to stick to Christian doctrine; that the Son is God and coeternal with God.