Lets all go to the movies.

Ok roll up roll up. I know we all like art galleries and such but my scientist Doctor Hackenbacker has come up with a process to actually put pictures onto a reel. So what? You ask.
Well by shining a light through these pictures and projecting the image onto a screen you can actually get the impression that the pictures are moving as the reel moves.
I have decided to call them pictomatographal discombobulatittilation.

You know what I am getting at don’t you?

Click the link, guess the movie from the badly drawn clues then post your own cinema artwork .

Here’s a couple of easy ones to get you started

smample number one

smample number two
When you send your own to your email, put your email address in both the boxes or it won’t send.

That’s easy for you to say.

Smample One is The Matrix, Two is Jaws 3-D.

Oh great, now I have to show off my dazzling artistic skills. I guess I’ll do the two movies I rented over the weekend.



Wow, those are shockingly awful. Cool website though.

Number you rented ‘The Ring’ and I am not sure what else.
I will keep trying.
Ok this is a newish movie.

There is an image in the drawing that should not be there, it is a hint to the actress who is in this movie as the image is from another film she was in.

smample number three


Yours is “Dangerous Minds”.

Now, once I figure out how this thing works, I’ll post one of my own…


Yours is “Dangerous Minds”.

Now, once I figure out how this thing works, I’ll post one of my own…

OK, here is my imitation of Picasso. Hmm, what movie is that?

I change my vote. Yours is “Donnie Darko.”

Mine can be found here.

It is not ’ Dangerous Minds ’ , my movie is much more recent than that.

Number is your second one a nice glass of chianti, a lamb and a God knows what?
Cos if it is then I am betting you also rented ’ Silence of the lambs’ as well as ‘The Ring’

Yes, smam, I changed my vote!

I submitted “Dangerous Minds” before I watched the whole thing. I changed it to “Donnie Darko.” (Although it’s probably just as wrong.)

Donnie Darko is spot on lady, well done. did you spot E.T creeping in there?

btw your one and the other most recent one are tricky, I know what the drawings are but still can’t figure it out.

May I insult your intelligence for a moment by asking you to peruse smample number four ?


My second bad drawing

Sorry i just can’t get any of them, here is another easy one for the time being till someone answers yours correctly.

smample number five

smample number five is, I think you will find my best work to date. Enjoy the experience. Buy a hot-dog at the interval.

smam: Im gonna have to say…Any “Bond” film?

Well it is a particular Bond movie.

As near as I can figure, Number’s second drawing has something to do with Virginia Woolf - so I’ll say The Hours.
Still can’t figure out where the bottle and the glass come into play, though.

Good call Labdad. Actually it was the original Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf. Booze plays a rather prominent role in that film.

The first one was indeed The Ring.

smam, as far as I can tell, Number Five is Goldfinger, because that’s the only one I remember with big piles of gold bars.