Let's all try to be like jarbabyj!


:: pondering the implications of dicklathe ::

:: considers what a lathe does ::

Now, if I was acting as a lathe…


Call me.


It’s called assonance. Ahem. Really.

In the power tool category:

Irrelevance to body parts and various articles of clothing:
buttnose (compliments of a 5 year old on the street)**
pubefloss**, as in a piece of…

My favorite of late (that I invented all by myself) is dungfucker.

my sweet holy christ that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.


You motherfucking crapsaw…I’m going to use that today. Where’s my husband?


Lessee here…dredging a few up from my old days on the railroad, back in the '70’s:

Dickfucker (not sure how that works, exactly)

Efficient movement of freight rquires much cursing, apparently.


Many more, but it’s late.

Ooh! I almost forgot:

Needledick the Bugfucker

It has come to our attention that you are using our names without prior permission. Please desist or we will be forced to take legal action.


Bungmesiter, Twattweaker, Pubefloss,
Pissladle & Snatchloafer,
Attorneys at Law

All of those are good, but my favorite from the boards is Fuckdrop, said not so long ago by Nocturne:smiley: .

Jarbaby’s insults are exceptional, though.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled posts.

I related this thread to cat last night (yes, mostly for the excuse to call him a crapsaw at top volume) and managed to also refer to him as a titsnorter and a snatchrachet. Can I get some points for these? I need to see how far a long I am to preparing my first Pit thread…

snatchrachet. Heh. That’s a good one. I’ll be looking for the chance to call someone that all day now.

Way to go moi!

Allow me to interject:







Well of course you know, this one’s my favorite. GERMAN insults, now that’s a category I’ve never set foot in. :smiley:


Is anyone going to Hawaii anytime soon? Could you bring me back a butt monkey?

[sulk]nobody likes my german insult…[/sulk]
runs off to corner to whimper

j/k Spunkweasel…hmmm…that’s a keeper!

Herr Cockmeister is an insult? I know a guy who would tattoo that on his chest. :smiley:


Oh, wait, I see… not German enough. perhaps I shoulda writ Herr Schwanzmeister or Fraeulein Fickenkopf instead

Don’t you mean cuntjester?

I’ve been known to tell people to shut their cockholsters when I just can’t stand to hear their voice anymore. I think that is one of my favorites.
A common warning in my old place of work was for people to keep their shithooks or assgrabbers off of other peoples things.
Sweaty-sackfloss and Dinglebutter are staples of any good shopping list.

Oh and Arden dear, you already have a cockscraper. It’s right below your nose and above your chin. Easy with the teeth, though.
And for some reason, blacks assdremel has me chuckling mightily(the word, not the use of.) What a puddle of twatspittle.