Let's all try to be like jarbabyj!

Post your own constructed profanities here. Give obscenities, one-liners, paragraphs, whatever. My favorites are:

shitheel (Thanks to Carl Hiaasen)
shit biscuit (Thanks to my brother)
ass-nose (Thanks to Reverend Watkins)(My favorite sermon, by the way.)

All hail Queen jarbabyj!

So I’m sitting here, listening to winamp playing The Cars, and I’m wondering if you’re showing admiration or being sarcastic.

Then I wonder if it’s worth the effort to figure it out. And I decide it isn’t.

what am I? Your fucking clown? Your goddam court jester?

you fuckin’ pissladle. :smiley:


I’m in awe, that was an amazing post. Saint Zero, excellent. So much said in so few words. I’m really laughing my ass off here. great stuff.


It’s interesting that the posts dedicated to jarbaby seem so ambiguous to so many people as to whether they’re sincere praise or sarcastic slam.

:slight_smile: Mine, of course, are sincere praise and admiration. The ability to make the English language your bitch is something I most truly admire. :wink:


Yes. :smiley:

With her it’s a construction/tool thing. :slight_smile: asshammer, pussy**shovel[/b.] So… twatlevel, cockscraper, asslevel, etc… :slight_smile:

Although she seems to have gotten into kitchen utensils with pissladle. Can twatspatula be far behind? :slight_smile:

herr cockmeister
shit dumpling

George Foreman Tit Griddle :wink:

Is that what you use to make fuckwaffles?

I would tell y’all to go felch a dead goat, but that would be abuse of a perfectly good dead goat and an insult to those that engage in that practice for fun.

Well I hope you cumguzzling,rimjobbing assclowns are happy…

I just sprayed diet coke all over my screen.

Damn bunch of jabronis!

this is what happens when you let the cuntbuckets and dickwrenches take over.

Listen, fucksolders:

I wish all you gashdrivers would shut the fuck up about this already. You assdremels are beginning to to get on my nerves.

This thread is strictly for snatchloafers.

don’t forget so of the other Jarbaby greatest hits:

Cocksocket - my new favorite BTW.

These power tools and more coming soon to your local Ace Hardware store!

All Hail the queen!!

I personally also like maggotblower and gnathumper.


Sincere admiration or not? How about the fact that I plan to shamelessly steal as many of her words (Esp. cocksocket) as I can?
My personal entre? Fuckleberry.

This thread reminded me that the Talladega race is on today. I’m sure I’ll hear the following being bellowed at ear-splitting decibals as the day progresses:




Gentlemen, start your engines…

I can swear that I’ve read cockfloss somewhere on these boards. I like how that one rhymes, just like cumdump.

Ah, you’re all a buncha dicklathes.