Let's be careful out there. Don't fall for tsunami scams!

I’m sure everyone on SDMB would like to help Japan dig out from the latest disaster. But let’s be careful…for every tragedy there is an asshole trying to profit from it using reprehensible tactics, trying to steal your money. For example, I just got this email, addressed to Realtors. The formatting and grammar are reproduced exactly as I received it.

Note that it had official-looking buttons at the bottom with paypal and credit card logos. Mousing over them, the URLs looked legitimate, but I suspect any money you donate thru them will end up in Nigeria, where it will support more emails like this, not Japan earthquake relief.

If anyone has a link to a legitimate disaster relief fund, please post it here. Of course, the American Red Cross is always available.

Estator? Is that anything like the Supremor?

I can see the scams now.

“Nice town you got here, Mayor. Shame if it got… dampened.”

My disaster preparedness group decided to use Direct Relief International as a way to get donations to where they need to go. So far we’ve raised $8,806.27 amongst our group members.

Who the hell donated $6.27?

Maybe someone has a change collection jar set up where they work.

Maybe there was a donation of 3.25 and another of 3.02. Maybe it was 2.20 and 4.07. Maybe…the possibilities are boggling.