The relief effort

After the tragic events of early this morning I am organising the relief effort for our earthquake stricken neighbours up north. Obviously traumatised by his experience one resident of Dudley said,
“I thought it was a dinosaur walking down the road.”
As yet the prehistoric beast has not been identified but police ensured us that all efforts are being made to apprehend the monster. As so far the exact figures are unknown but early reports suggest that at least 17 garden gnomes were damaged during the 15seconds of mayhem. Money will needed to rebuild the economy and perhaps educating the survivors might also be a good idea so please give generously.
If anyone has any money to donate to the relief effort please send it to:

EggNogg (earthquake survivor)
The South

Whoa!! You guys really did have an earthquake!

I thought it was a joke about football or something.

Whoa!! Scary pix!!

Two chimneys fell down!! :eek:


The damage has been estimated to cost a wopping £13.50. Truely it was a tragic day.

Apparently the earthquake was the work of radio 1 DJ Tim Westwood.Tim Westwood

egg :smiley: