Let's compare Operation Barbarossa to the Migrant Caravan.

Trump has characterized the migrant caravan as an ‘invasion’.

If Operation Barbarossa wasn’t an invasion, there never was one.

Do I have to do much more than define my terms? Is there any way to justify labeling the caravan an invasion?

No Trump is using “invasion” to pander to his base and to try and get voters to turn out.


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it isn’t an “invasion” to comply with the requirements for an application of Asylum unless you think that only WASPs are allowed to immigrate.

… Did someone ever say Barbarossa wasn’t an invasion?

Not being snarky - has Trump ever said that?

Yep, took .65 seconds and The Hill is pretty partisan republican. First of 10,000,000 results:

I asked if Trump - or anyone - said Barbarossa wasn’t an invasion. I didn’t ask if he called the migrant caravan an invasion.

Your argument doesn’t make any sense to me. Are you contending that nothing can be rightly labeled an ‘invasion’ if it’s smaller in scale than Operation Barbarossa?

Barbarossa schmarbarossa, the caravan isn’t an invasion because when whatever is left of it by the time it gets to the border it’s going to come to a halt and ask for help. They’re not going to come storming across the Rio Grande brandishing the toddlers they’re bring with them as weapons. Calling it “an invasion” in any way, shape or from is ridiculous on its face.

Uh… The argument, as far as I’ve understood it here, goes something like this:

“Operation Barbarossa was an invasion. The migrant caravan is smaller in scope than Operation Barbarossa. Therefore the migrant caravan isn’t an invasion.”

Seems like a really bad argument; have I misunderstood something? (Yes, obviously it’s not an invasion, but this is still a silly argument.)

Googling produced these definitions of invasion:

  • an instance of invading a country or region with an armed force.
  • an incursion by a large number of people or things into a place or sphere of activity.
  • an unwelcome intrusion into another’s domain.

It appears that by #2 and #3, the caravan could be called an invasion.

…reading over the shoulder is an “invasion” (of privacy) that clearly fits #3.

But this from the President of the United States?

I don’t think the President is talking about a mere “unwelcome intrusion into another’s domain.” This alarmist nonsense: this complete and utter fabrication from the President is clearly talking about an invasion by an armed and deadly force.

Trump says a lot of dumb things. But 4,000 people driving to the boarder that most American wouldn’t want here. Sounds like it could meet some definition of an invasion.

This is non-existent on my Trump BS meter.

…understatement of the fucking century.

This has already been established. It does fit “some definition of an invasion.” Pundits are choosing to conflate “some definition” with the “alarmist definition” for the purpose of generating outrage.

Thanks for sharing.

Kind of like Pundits and partisans everywhere …

Except here, that never happens here!

That quote, wrong as it is, does not meet definition #1, which is about an armed force. There is no mention of arms in your quote. You have read more into the quote than is there (eg, “deadly”) and then claimed that your reading was “clear”. You may choose, for whatever reason, to read it that way but it’s not “clear” that it should or must be read that way.

I’m glad you’ve contributed your learned observations to the discussion as well.

…give me a fucking break. The President of the United States just blew the biggest fucking dog-whistle in the history of dog-whistles and you are accusing me of “reading more into the quote” than was actually there? I never claimed it fit definition #1. It is not unreasonable to assume that a group of “tough fighters” fighting back “viciously against Mexican soldiers” would be armed. We both know of course that this didn’t happen. We both know that what the President said was entirely fiction. So your quibbles don’t make any sense.

The President is gas-lighting. That’s my entire point.

Do they have tiny Messerschmidts?

Well, there are comparisons of scope and there are comparisons of kind. Here is how some discuss it:

And that is accompanied by the CiC sending 5000+ troops to the border to meet it. To me, all of this together suggests we are to believe that the migrant caravan is an invasion of a kind with Barbarossa, if obviously not in scale.

From the Barbarossa link, here is what they say about a civilization-ending invasion attempt:

To me, it looks like a case of projection. Today’s GOP has fascistic, racist leanings and wants to stoke its base to prepare for a clash of civilizations, when really these people are just going to want to work.

Joke all you want, funnyman— but when you’re getting strafed by a dwarf flying a miniature Honduran Bf 109, then we’ll see who’s laughing!

Has everybody forgotten the invasion from fifty years ago when a bunch of wailing unwashed foreigners came to destroy American culture?
Oh wait, those were the Beatles.