Let's create a band.

I’ve got the name. It came to me in a flash, at work. Now we need to populate the band, describe their music, backgrounds, past hits, fan base, etc.

Ladies and Gentlemen, for your creative and listening pleasure, I give you

Johnny Tsunami and the Ocean of Motion

Bring it on !!!

I’ll start. The head roady is named Earl.

In 1989 they formed in a bar.



Their one musical regret was that, in the 80s, they had an ill-concieved foray into New Wave/ New Romantic music with the “Alive in the Ocean of Motion” album, whose cover featured the band in raggedy clothes looking like they were about to cut themselves.

Sorry. I almost contradicted you, but you gotta admit, a 1989 foray into New Wave would be ill-conceived, so my history stands :slight_smile:

The guitarist originally tried to start his own band, a celtic deathmetal band featuring bagpipes but found the audience all too limiting.

Lead singer/ keyboardist / chief songwriter Johnny Tsunami was born Joo-hee Tsukuri, and is a rarity in that he’s the only filiipino to lead a late-80s grunge metal band.

He formed the band with original lead guitarist Bruno Kirby, but Kirby was an egomaniacal dickhead and quit / was fired (depending on who you talk to) before the first record hit the shelves.

I’m a musician. I’ll play anything you got. (Reeds) Sight reading a specality.
Let’s GO! :slight_smile:

The drummer, Mike “The Ricochet” Ricornum, was actually trained as a classical guitarist, but a tragic accident involving a blender when he was 17 resulted in a complete loss of delicate movement of his fingers, forcing him to go into drumming to keep his love of music alive.

The name was acquired after a long-running in-joke involving the size of Johnny’s penis. Their first single was “It’s not the size of the ship…”

" When you’ve loved…and lost…like Frank has… ahhh, kids today. "

Ghanima, as usual your research is exemplary. His ex-girlfriend Amaretto Spangenbush ( who went by the stage name " Jane Dough " ) wanted to call the band " Angstrom Eunuchs " but he flew into a pouty rage.