Let's critique each others' resumes!

It seems to be a common theme on this board that many of us are out of work, or at least looking for something better. So let’s start checking each others’ resumes. I need input on how to make mine more attractive to potential employers, and I bet many of you are in the same boat. I’d prefer not to post mine here for all of the teeming millions to see, but I’d be ok with e-mailing it to anyone who is interested and willing to give feedback. Private messages would be fine too.

The e-mail I have set up for this is: drevildan@hotmail.com

Do you have any general resume advise you’d like to share? Post it, I could really use the help.

Any takers on checking my resume? Just tell me where to send it. Send me yours, I’ll check it too! Job seekers unite!

(I am aware there is an ongoing thread for SDMB job seekers, but it’s gotten quite bloated and long, and I’d prefer this thread to stay about resumes specifically.)

What is your area of work/study? I’m not interested in reading lawyer, doctor or truck driver resumes, but I might be of some help in the Web design area.