Let's devise a Big Bang Theory spinoff

Which TBBT characters would you like to see in a spinoff? What locale and circumstances would you place them in?

How about a Mary Tyler Moore type show where Amy Farrah Fowler moves to another city (Harvard maybe) for a prestigious position. Maybe take Stuart with her, for some reason. I just think she could do so much better than Sheldon. Like, a lot better. Really, considerably, a lot better.

We should do a show that shows the life of a married Walowitz and Bernadette without the annoyance of Sheldon. Then they could bring over Raj to play off of Howard. Then they could bring over Penny for another female, I guess then they would have to bring Leonard now that they’re married. This could show their lives without Sheldon. AFF is super funny and should bring her as a fish-out-of-water without Sheldon.

You know what? Just keep the show as it is.

Remove Sheldon.

Kripke. He proves something that can’t be proved, makes a boatload of money, retires to a resort town in Mexico, buys a bar, becomes a lush and bangs broads.

I think you mean, “Kwipke. He pwoves something that can’t be pwoved, makes a boatload of money, wetires to a wesowt town in Mexico, buys a baw, becomes a lush and bangs bwoads.”

The ironic thing about rhotacism is that people who have can’t say it.

I’m thinking a series that focuses on the invisible background characters; the department secretary, the cafeteria staff, etc. Basically all of the people who have to deal with Sheldon, Leonard and the others.

Back in the early days of TBBT, when Stuart was presented to us as a talented artist (before he was turned into a needy, creepy loser), I believe that it was stated that he graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design. Am I remembering that detail correctly?

Seth MacFarlane graduated from RISD. How about if he makes a cameo appearance on TBBT and offers his fellow alum Stuart a job as an animator? Voila! We have a spinoff as Stuart sells the comic book store, moves closer to the animation HQ, and embarks in an endearingly bumbling manner upon a new life and a series of romances.

Leonard has an affair with Amy, Penny divorces him, she and Sheldon fall in love. Then we’d have the show it should have been in the first place. Leonard, Howard, Raj, and Amy are mentioned but never seen. In a typical episode Penny convinces Bernadette to go along with a crazy scheme and Sheldon has to find a way to get them out of trouble.

Something with Laurie Metcalf. She’s the most talented one of the bunch.

Actually, that would make a really great single episode.

Really not kidding: sometimes I want to know how Zazzles is doing.

I think this is a vewy, vewy good idea.

Wil Wheaton as himself.

The Ghost of Prof. Proton.

Sheldon’s sister.

Leslie Winkel.

Yes, a good choice. But what would you have her doing, where would she do it, and with whom?

Hmm…maybe Penny leaves Leonard when she and Sheldon finally realize they were made for each other, and Leonard ends up with Leslie.

Not sure where that would leave Amy, though. She and Raj don’t really have much chemistry. Maybe she could end up with Stuart, if he could go back to being cool instead of creepy. Or Wil Wheaton.

Or, hell, Kripke. IIRC he’s always treated her with respect, they’d be compatible in their sexual appetites, and his speech impediment wouldn’t even faze her.

Hmm… a Cheers > Frasier sort of thing.

Bialek is a mom to 2 grade school age kids. I don’t think she has the time/interest in being THE star of a series, as much as I think she’s great as Amy.

Well, how about a series with Howard and Bernadette and their baby? Maybe one of them gets offered a great job out of the Pasadena area and the have to move to accept it? If Howard worked at the Manned Spaceflight Center in Houston, there’d be the possibility for some crossover with Sheldon and his mom. Or maybe Boston? She could do pharma stuff there and he could work out of MIT or go back for a Ph.D/Sc.D?

That was my first thought as the most likely spinoff that we might see. Sheldon, Leonard and Penny are too tightly wound as BBT core characters to really be part of a spinoff. But Bernadette was brought in several seasons in, and Howard was always 3rd banana until really recently when he’s sort of the backup grown up man to Leonard in dealings with Sheldon and Raj.

The problem is that parenthood based comedies are too tightly wound around the kid’s developmental state, and that moves too slow for a sitcom. I mean, your typical kid’s first year is pretty eventful, going from born to crawling and almost walking. By 2, they should be talking… a little bit, but otherwise, they’re not doing things that usually generate a lot of comedy, and what they do is kind of rehashes of earlier stuff. For example, 1.5 year olds undergo teething, which may keep the parents up at night. It sucks for sure, but you’ll have already mined the vein of sleepless parents jokes out when the kid is a newborn. And there are only so many “eating/chewing inappropriate stuff” jokes as well. Babies learning to talk can be funny, but again, only in small doses. There’s just not enough there to base a sitcom on.

I’d think Raj as a fish out of water somewhere might be the most likely sitcom for success. Maybe have him decide he wants to teach for a while, and have him go to a smaller, less research-oriented school, maybe in the Midwest, and do the “Indian in small-town Nebraska” thing. Or maybe the big-time academic in a smaller school thing, or some combination of those plus some others. I think they could mine that for a whole lot, and they could have Leonard and Penny show in the guise of visiting her relatives, or video-chat with Howard and Bernadette, or whatever.

What about if Sheldon and Amy got pregnant, and moved back to Texas to get Sheldon’s mom’s help in raising the baby? Watching those two try to raise a kid could be more fun than the standard child-based plotlines you’d get with a more convential couple like Howard and Bernadette.

ETA: Did we ever learn anything about Amy’s family? She seems very nonreligious, but it would be interesting if her parents were devout Jews - given Sheldon’s mom’s devout Christianity and Sheldon’s/Amy’s atheism.

That would be interesting!

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