Let's discuss Obama quitting.


I’d put Obama’s chances of winning the nomination right now at 85-90%. A massive odds favorite. If he does this he merely becomes the early favorite in 2016. Um, like Hillary Clinton was in 2007.

It would make me question his judgement and intelligence, both of which, up until now, I have felt darn solid about.

I think that Obama did not really expect to do as well as he has done- his team turned out to be a perfect match for him. I’d speculate that early on he thought he had about a 25% chance at best, wanted to run a clean campaign and get his name out there, and prepare for 2012 or 2016. If I’m being honest- this is what I was thinking in supporting him. But Clinton’s campaign has made me feel differently about things and maybe the same thing occurred to him.

Ironically enough, many Clinton insiders say that’s what happened to Bill’s 1992 campaign. More-prominent Dems sat that race out, thinking Bush I was invulnerable after Gulf War I, but Bill Clinton rolled the dice and won.

I have always believed this. Bush I had enormous positive ratings in the wake of the Gulf War. Many prominent Dems held off, hoping to run after Bush’s second term in 1996.

Hence, no President Cuomo. :wink:

This was a fun one:

Campaign '92: The Race To Avoid Being The Guy Who Loses To Bush

At the risk of adding to the pile on…it’s a REALLY bad idea. Clinton bowing out at this point would be best and might (MIGHT mind you) be seen as a noble thing on her part (though to my mind the writing is on the wall). But Obama?!? No way.


I don’t think it’s all that bad of an idea, but he would have had to do it in the wake of the Rev. Wright brouhaha. I could see it as a result of a back room deal with Hillary, especially if he believed Hillary was vindictive enough to sink him if he gets the nomination, or if he simply doesn’t want to play the dirty game that is American politics.

Clinton has previously broached the idea of sharing the ticket, but Obama The Uniter just laughed it off, in such a way that he can’t go back on it.

You mean when Obama was doing quite well in the polls, already ahead in pledged delegates, and catching up in super delegates? And she suggested maybe he might like to be her vice president?

I will give you this, if I were in a similar position and such an offer were made to me it would probably work. I’d have an aneurism from laughing so hard and would be forced to resign from the race. While the droolers are a large constituency, they are neither vocal nor likely to vote in general elections.

How rude! [/stephanie tanner]

This thread is making my head hurt.

Obama The Uniter? Next, you’re going to be saying the sky will open and the celestial choirs will start singing. :rolleyes:

Although, you’re right, he did laugh it off. In his defense, it was pretty funny.
These have been posted all over the place, sure. But they’re only funny because they’re so true, and it’s exactly what Hillary and her supporters are saying.

Someone who likes to consider all the possibilities.

I don’t know if you have read my Obama posts on the boards, but I meant no offense. I was trying to make a joke as these boards lean heavily Obama - the “joke” went over like a Lead Zeppelin. :smiley:

Let’s not kid ourselves. Obama wants to be President just as much as Clinton or McCain does. He didn’t just happen to fall into the middle of a campaign one morning.

And this is his year. What possible favorable circumstances could he have in 2012 or 2016 that he doesn’t have now? If he quits now when he’s on top, how could he ever expect anyone to support him in a future run?

Please tell me you’re not suggesting that Obama did something wrong or made a bad move with that. He was ahead and HRC suggested that he take a back seat to her? At best it showed that HRC has gall. At worst it made her look like a moron.

Boblibdem already answered this best with the link in post #11.

I’d like to ask you, since you keep posting this notion as proof of Obama’s unwillingness to be a uniter, what sense it would make for the person who is leading in every category to step aside and be the vice president. Please try to answer without using rolleyes, the word “sheesh,” or referring to me or this thread as bashing Hillary. This is an honest question to you and I would like you to answer honestly. Why should Obama, who was and still is the frontrunner for the democratic nomination, accept the vice presidency.

The topic is unrealistic right from the start, no question. Note, btw, that at the time there was every likelihood of the nomination being decided by the voters, without having to convince the superdelegates of what the right thing to do for the party and the nation is. Many of you are making flat assumptions about what that will be, so flatly as to be certainty. It isn’t.

But, realistically or not, do you really believe Obama would be as willing to have the “monster” Clinton in the #2 spot as vice-versa? Would there be any better way to show a willingness and ability to unite at least his own party by such a gesture? Or would it make too many (non-unitable) heads explode even for him to consider?

Yes, I do keep asking for examples of how he’s shown this thing called “uniting” in the campaign, and I do keep not getting any.

I’d first like to say that this post doesn’t actually answer my question, at least not directly. I’d still like to know why you feel Obama should have settled for second place in a race he was and is presently winning? Now to your post.

I honestly don’t know how Obama would feel about having Clinton as the vice president. I can say that thus far Hillary has shown no inclination to be the vice president. As proof of that I offer her continuing campaign as evidence that she still wants to be president and her offering Obama the vice presidency. I’m going to assume that neither of these needs a cite.

This also leads me to believe that you feel the only way to unite the party is to include Hillary on the ticket. Could you either explain why you feel this way or better explain what your position is. Again, not trying to bash anyone. Just trying to get a better feel of your position so I can address it properly.

Hillary wants to keep campaigning and can still win. For Obama to publicly offer her the vice presidency would be a bit insulting given those circumstances. It could also alienate her supporters who feel that she can still win the presidency.

I find it hard to buy the OP’s sincerity. Aptronym said he/she was an Obama supporter, but would vote for McCain over Hillary. How does that work? Granted, Hillary is to the right of Obama, but she’s nowhere NEAR as far to the right as McCain is. If you like Obama’s policies, you’re going to like McCain’s policies a LOT less than you’ll like Hillary’s.

Plus, most actual Democrats and a lot of independents have been pretty thoroughly burned by the Republicans and their “imperial presidency” shtick, with its scorched-earth approach to dealing with the opposition.

I’m sorry, I just can’t buy the OP as a serious debater on this issue.