Lets gamble and spend money then eat at a soup kitchen for free

This is just bugging the fucking green snot out of me, here is the article.


And a nice little quote that sums it up quite nicely.

Wow isn’t that nice, sure as hell make me want to go on down there with a baseball bat and be their enforcer. I’m not really pissed at each indvidual but the nice ripple effect that it is causing.

Gotta love this fucking society.

Its her fault if she is letting those people abuse her. Shitty thing to do, but she’s got to start turning them away.

I would simply put up a sign, translated into whatever Chinese dialects are necessary, explaining that the soup kitchen is there to help those who truly need it. It might shame them into leaving.

It’s unfortunate, but in places that give out items to the needy, SOMEONE has to decide who gets stuff and who doesn’t. My brother in law does this for a large church population in downtown Dallas and it’s a dirty, difficult job. People are constantly trying to scam his church out of funds, goods, and food. It’s an amazing world out there.

This hit the NYC papers a while back (Not sure if it was the News or Times). That article said a lot of the people don’t even go into the casinos, or are kicked out for just looking for dropped quarters or checking slots for coins missed from previous payouts. They just take the trip for the money. Too bad the casinos don’t put the bus credits on swipe cards. Then they’d have to use the money in the casino, whether to gamble, eat, shop, etc. Lay out cash in NYC for credit in NJ? Just the gamblers would do that regularly.