"Lets Get Ready to Rumble"

On “The Colbert Report” last night Stephen used Michael Buffers famous line to seque to his guest. I was under the impression being a radio person myself that this phrase had a trademark or something of the like. In fact I had heard that Buffer encourages people who hear others turning this phrase to report them to him, and that he would then split the monies from a subsequent legal case with them. So which is it - can I say this on the air tonight? Or is it just that Colbert isn’t afraid of Buffer? (He does have a bit more money and clout than I to fight this particular fight.) Curious…

“Let’s Get Ready To Rumble” is indeed a registered trademark of Michael Buffer Enterprises, and Buffer indeed encourages people to report unauthorized uses of this trademarked phrase (both the phrase itself and Buffer’s interpretation).

I’d say yeah, Colbert isn’t afraid. He’s got the parody defense going.

Er…should this have gone in GQ? Perhaps we can just morph it into a Colbert Report discussion. Sorry.

That’s just sad. They’re enlisting people to turn in anyone who uses that phrase or any liberally-defined variants in exchange for an unspecified gift and possibly even a share of any monies gained in legal action.

Does Larry the Cable Guy have minions combing the airwaves for anyone saying “Git 'er done!”? Are the soccer people watching for anyone who screams “GOOOOAALLL!” that isn’t a soccer announcer?