Let's get the 2012 POTUS campaign started!

Now that the 2008 election is over, I think y’all will agree that we can finally start debating the 2012 election.

I can see Palin running, but I doubt she’ll win the nomination of the RNC.

Based only on Obama’s victory speech (which I’m listening to him make as I type this), I think he makes a strong case for re-election.

With the slight splintering of the Republican party that may happen in the coming months and years, are there any third party candidates that will garner enough support to claim even 5% of the voters?

I look forward to other’s thoughts on this upcoming crucial election.

The repubs are in disarray. The neocons who promised so much .delivered a humiliating loss of the president,senate and house. They created a mess that will be hard to fix. If the dems clean it up, the repubs are out for a long time.

Oh geez, let’s not.

I hear that the Dems.are going to fund Palin to stand for the Republicans as she did such a great job for them this election.

Sorry, I’m a bit tired. Wake me up around mid-2011 or so.

I think you should be banned for this alone.

:smiley: Sort of.

I’m with Frank. Please, give us a few days.

let’s not, and say we did.