"Let's go down to the quarry and throw stuff in there!"

Can someone give me the background on this phrase? I’ve been interpreting it as a newer equivalent of “I like turtles” - something an ADD and not-terribly bright boy would say. Is there some meaning I’m missing? Where does it come from?

The first time I ever saw it was right here on the SDMB. Cite.

I thought it was funny as hell, so now I try and use it whenever appropriate.

It comes from this thread, specifically this post:

EDIT: Damn you, Bo.

That’s hilarious. Let’s go to the quarry and throw shit down there!

Didn’t have a quarry nearby when you were growing up, eh? It’s a big hole, what do you do? You throw stuff in there!

I’m interested to learn if this phrase has an actual trackable provenance, as I had just assumed (up to reading this thread) that it was a pretty universal thing: Either you were the type of kid to throw stuff in the quarry, the type of kid who would go watch said throwing, or you knew those kids.


Nice find. So it actually came from The Office (although his exact phrasing was “We should hang out by the quarry and throw things down there” - I like the SDMB version better).

This is meme material: http://imgur.com/OsvHz


I know my Office episodes.

Yep. Y’all got it. The Office=>office shenanigans=>phone=>me=>Snowboarder=>OP.

Edit: Despite Creed’s usage of it, on the SDMB, it just means “lol”.

I thought it was like that onion-on-a-belt thing. What was that about?

Well, it *was *the style at the time.

Heh, true.

I hope this is the right clip (no sound at work). Looks like it judging from the comments.


I figured Grandpa Simpson was behind it- I either saw it or it just sounds like something he’d say.

Sounds pretty typical. “Let’s go down to the {large hole in the ground} and throw stuff in”. I think this concept goes back to the stone age. Basically, it’s what to do when you’re bored, and have nothing better to do. Stuff goes splat or plop or makes big splashes or shatters. It’s cool. Beats sitting around doing nothing. And in a short time you get bored again, and someone says “You guys wanna go see a dead body?”

Probably, since that is when quarries started.

Indeed; archaeological evidence indicates that a significant number of stone-age men worked in quarries.

You hit it right on the nailhead. People actually do that for those very reasons. And it’s done everywhere under various guises.
When we were in New Orleans, hungover and still half-drunk, one of the friends drawled, “Wanna get a six-pack and go down to the levee?” Because that’s what they did there.

I’ve got some whiskey and rye. Let’s take my Chevy.