Let's hear it for Breakfast for Dinner

For a long time I never ate breakfast foods no matter what time of day.

Now, since I work midnights, I tend to eat my dinner when I get up, lunch about 4 A.M. and breakfast when I get home from work.

Either an omlette or eggs fried in toast. Won’t touch cereal.

I never really considered fried potatoes a particular breakfast food. We always made them from dinner.

The LIONsob and I had breakfast for dinner Monday night.
Breakfast burritos in fact. Bacon cooked crisp and crunbled
into fried potatos and onions with eggs scrambled into that.
All wrapped up in a heated flour tortilla that had cheese melted on it while it heated. They were yummylicious.

When I come home hungry and tired, yoghurt, fruit and cereal is great.

Yummy. I’m hungry now! :slight_smile:

Breakfast for dinner is so awesome. My mom used to do that for us once every few weeks. I would love to do it now, but my fiance hasn’t yet realized how wonderful it is. I shall have to do some convincing!

Tomorrow’s dinner shall now include hashbrowns and BACON!

Umm, hello . . . ? Where are the pancakes up in this camp? Where are the grits?

And for the best fried potatoes, boil 'em first, then cube 'em, then fry 'em up in bacon grease (or, for those of you who don’t eat things with eyes–besides potatoes, that is–olive oil & garlic) with a little seasoned salt and pepper until they’re crispy.

Oh, yeah.

On Mother’s Day, I requested breakfast for dinner, and my SO happily obliged and even cleverly named the egg entree a Momlette. This may have to become an annual event.

Some of my first dates with my SO were spent in a little diner in my hometown which has all-day breakfast. He’d NEVER had breakfast for dinner before! Good price, great food (especially their potatoes) and a fun little date before an evening class!

The place was called Pizzaville, but I have never had pizza from there - only breakfast!

Waffles or pancakes for dinner are the BEST! With syrup and butter…mmmmm

My sister’s coming home tomorrow for mid-term break. I think I’ll dig out her pancake recipe.

We’ve often had “breakfast” foods for dinner, especially back when the financial situation was a bit tight, since breakfast foods are not only yummy, but they tend to be cheap as well.

I also like to have supper (traditional or “breakfast”) leftovers for breakfast.

Back in the dorms in college, if you didn’t like what was being served, the cold cereal was always available. I ate a lot of cold cereal and salads for dinner back then…

Can’t believe I’m the first to say it (maybe because it’s beyond cliche and into passe territory), but Breakfast for Dinner is a kickass band name.

I do them pretty similarly. Try this sometime: dice them into bite-sized chunks and boil or microwave until not-quite fully cooked. Them dump them in a pan with lots of melted butter, toss them around with cayenne pepper and salt, and fry till golden. Heavenly paired with fried eggs.