Let's hear it for Breakfast for Dinner

man do i love breakfast for dinner. Especially soft fried taters.

Ah, brinner. Good stuff. Makes me wonder, though, what does one call a pizza eaten at 4 am? Its not breakfast, sure isn’t dinner…

Yay! I love breakfast for dinner.

Let’s see…I’ll make

cheese omelets
orange juice

Boy…I’m getting hungry.

Mmmmmmm. I just had French toast and sausage for dinner Monday night.

And it was goooooood.

Huzzah! When I was a young lad in a haus full of eggs and grits and sausages I was often want to scramble eggs with cheese and serve with grits and butter, toast, sausage and copious amounts of whole milk.

I’m glad I just ate lunch.

Anyone else sometimes feel a little pepped up by brupper. When I have “morning” food in the evenings sometimes I get that fresh just waking up feeling, the smell of coffee in the air, muffins a cookin’. A sort of psychological trick on the routine of your senses.

For a treat now and then, I’ll make the kids waffles for dinner. No, not frozen waffles. It’s especially a good summertime treat, because we live in strawberry heaven. I’ll pick up a flat of strawberries on the way home to have with whipped cream. I fix bacon and orange juice too. Cracks the kids up, but I don’t think it’s any less nutritious a dinner than many dinner things, and it’s pretty quick and easy.

I think I’ll make blueberry muffins to go with dinner tonight too, but they kind of cross the breakfast/dinner line anyway.

Tonight Hubby is working late, so I’m having a breakfast supper of eggs, toast and corned beef hash.

Toasted bagel
thin piece o’ ham
poached egg
melted swiss cheese…

You can have the last hot pocket, I’m all set.

We do this at least once a week in the KVS home. Toasted bagels, scrambled eggs, (vegetarian) sausage, perhaps some potatoes . . .

Breakfast … it’s not just for breakfast anymore!

Loves me some hashbrowns and eggs for supper, oh yes I do.

Mmm - omelettes for dinner. And so easy! Mushrooms, green peppers, onions, cheese… with lightly toasted white bread slathered in butter. Yum!

What?! No one eats scrapple? :slight_smile:

I’ll have two eggs overlight, two pieces of Rapa scrapple and an English muffin with lots of butter.



Wow. I was just wondering what I’d make for dinner tonight. This sounds terrific.

Cold cereal. Yeah, have that for dinner often enough. Or for 9pm snack.

Scrambled eggs, with Medium Cheddar and Pepperjack cheeses grated into it while it’s cooking, smoked turkey and often Broccoli florets. Topped with Three Cheese (Parmigian, Romano, Asiago) blend.

Any time of day or night.

Ham or Bacon, Egg and Cheese Bagel. Done it with sausage links too. You just gotta hold it better.

Hash Browns…mmmmmmmmmm

Crepes…my grandmom makes the best crepes….perhaps not your typical breakfast. Since she brought her recipe with her from the Ukraine we didn’t call them crepes growing up. We just called them Grandmom’s pancakes. It wasn’t until much later that I even realized they were very similar to crepes–except, after she stuffs them she refries them giving them even more flavor. I’ve also seen them all wrapped up and called blintzes. Mmmmmm…filled with a bit of her homemade cherry jelly and topped with a small scoop of sour cream.

I’ll have those for dinner anytime.

I love breakfast for dinner, though normally I only do it when I’m eating out. But if I’m eating at a place that offers breakfast at dinnertime, I’ll ALWAYS get breakfast.

Omelets go down particularly well in the evening.

There’s no better dinner than waffles and sausage. Maybe with some scrambled eggs, if you’re feeling ambitious. And some OJ to wash it down.

I have often heard that if we reversed our eating habits we’d be healthier all the way around. A good sized, high protein meal in the morning, and a light dinner. And since I’ve been known to eat leftover beef stew for breakfast, I see nothing whatsoever wrong with making French toast, bacon and fruit salad for dinner. The only problem is when I have breakfast-y food, I want coffee, and the WryGuy claims I get irritable if I drink coffee late in the day.

Like HE knows any damn thing.

I wonder what the rest of the world thinks of this thread. I have yet to figure out what they eat for breakfast, but it isn’t eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, grits, hashbrowns, waffles, pancakes or even “French” toast. Personally, I’ll eat breakfast for lunch, dinner or a mid-night snack.