Let's help some animals!

Lucy and I will be participating in this year’s Houston SPCA Mutt Strut & Runway Race on March 5. Please support me and the animals with a donation. Click on this link and click on the Support Me button. Any amount you give is very much appreciated.

Your donation is tax deductible.

I will definitely take lots of pictures. I think this is gonna be a blast. We will be out on the runway at George Bush Intercontinental Airport. I’m no runner, so Lucy and I will be struttin’ our stuff!

Thanks so much!

“gift amount is invalid???”

Yeah, given it ain’t much, but it is any amount.

Cute pup, btw! :slight_smile:


Did you have a problem? Can you be specific, so I can contact the SPCA? Thanks for trying, anyway.

Yes. I got to the end, put my donation in the “other amount” section (less than $10.00 btw, sorry). Clicked the button that should have taken me to your next section and that’s when I got the phrase in quotes upthread.



Ok - I’ll look into it.

I just chipped in. :smiley:

Thank you!

I figured it out. There’s a certain amount below which they won’t accept your gift. So it won’t work for “any amount”, sorry. I tried it out by clicking one of the pre-set amounts and it clicked on over for my name and payment info. Can I just PayPal it your e-mail and then YOU put it on your account.

Quasi - I played with the donate page, and it looks like $4 is the minimum amount it will accept. I will contact the SPCA tomorrow and ask why this is so, as I’m sure they would ultimately like to receive ANY money.

I appreciate your efforts in any case.

Sure - I will PM my PayPal info to you tomorrow. (It’s my husband’s account, and he’s asleep right now.)

Thanks for all the trouble you’re going through!

NP. I think it has something to do with PayPal and a fee that they charge.

It’s February now, over here anyway, and I thought this deserved a bump. You’re at 74% of your goal. Is that correct, or are there pledges that have not been yet entered?

That is correct. You helped to remind me to send some reminder emails out.

Once again, thanks for your donation!

I forgot to mention Quasi’s donation as well. Thanks so much!

In case anyone was wondering, Charity Navigator sez the Houston SPCA is a lean, mean, four-star animal-helpin’ machine! They’re good people!

My husky Rocky and I do the Denver version of this, the Denver Dumb Friend League’s Furry Scurry, so I certainly have to support you and Lucy.

Happy strutting!

Thanks for your donation, MizTina!

Sent a small donation. Thanks for helping the animals!

Thanks so much! I can’t believe that strangers are helping me. You guys are great!


Lookin’ good! You broke the $200 mark and are 82% to your goal with 4-1/2 weeks still left.