Let's hunt down the murderer!

There’s a thread already eulogizing Kirsty MacColl, the singer/songwriter who was killed yesterday, but I thought a pit thread was in order about her murderer.

BBC News of Ms. MacColl’s passing.

You see, some pigfucking son-of-a-bitch with more stupidity than consideration took his speedboat into an area of water clearly marked as SWIMMING ONLY and killed Ms. MacColl in front of her two sons in Cozumel, Mexico.

This lowlife loser who thought his own joyride was more important than the safety of others has silenced a very talented woman who was just enjoying a vacation with her children.

I hope this loser has their genitals gnawed slowly by rats as they have constant nightmares of drowning as people stand around them laughing at their plight. I want this heinous imbecile to suffer constantly at the hands of their own conscience and want to commit suicide but not be able to.
I want their torment to be endless and were it up to me, I’d want them to have to live with it eternally, so they would understand what they have stolen from the world.

Damn you and your loser boat, you rancid piece of shit masquerading as a human being!!!

While we’re in a vigilante fervor… anyone in NYC with a lot of time on their hands want to hunt a murderer for me?

Some dickweed ran over my friend’s sister when she was in Greenwich Village. He was driving drunk. Took off. Turned himself in later. Anyway, he jumped bail. His family swears they have no idea where he is. However, his girlfriend lives with his parents, along with the child they had together before the incident. And last I heard, she was pregnant again. I guess since they have “no idea” where he is, she is sleeping with the mailman under their noses, with their blessing. Right.

Anyway, I’ve always wanted to go post a “WANTED” poster outside their building, maybe every single week. I’d like him to know that no, we haven’t forgotten. Let his parents rip it down, I’ll put one up the next week. Except I live in MI, and they’re in NYC. I don’t expect to find him, but I’d love to think he would sleep a little less easily knowing someone is taking an active interest in his case. Asshole.

How much was the bail? If it was any significant amount (as it should be in a homicide case), I’m sure that a bounty hunter would be interested in such an easy case. Or if it’s really that important to you, you could hire a PI.

Dammit, I LOVE “Fairytale of New York!”

What a scummy piece of shit. We can only hope that guilt consumes him until he ends his sad life alone in a rundown men’s hotel in a really bad neighborhood.

The Ryan: I am not sure–it might be that he put up the bail money himself. I wish it were a bail bondsman, because then I’d have great confidence that they’d sent large burly guys after Mr. Shithead. I don’t have the cash for a PI. My friend’s family finds the whole thing too painful to pursue themselves, but it just pisses me off. This actually happened three years ago–he’s been “free” all this time. Can only hope he is miserable.


Have you thought of America’s Most Wanted? I bet they’re always looking for fresh meat.

In a logical world, anyone who brought in a fugitive should get the bond money. Of course, I have learned that the world is far from logical. Still, it might be worth looking into whether NY has any such policy.

You know… while I empathize for Cranky, this was a thread for Kirsty MacColl. I think the hijack was inappropriate. Start your own thread next time.

Ease up, sweetie. I posted one thing; others chose to respond to it. Merry fricking Christmas to you, too. I apologize that it went the odd direction it did.

I invite others to get this thread back to its OP. Or why not ask a moderator to lock it, and you can repost it cleanly?

Please erase 75% of the Crankyness out of my last post.

By way of explanation, I read the thread as a “Murderers on The Loose” thread first, a Kirsty thread second. I didn’t think (at the time) it was such a hijack–or perhaps not one that was as inappropriate as it seems to others. Didn’t seem like I needed a new thread for what I saw as a similar frustration.

I am sorry if that was a misjudgment on my part. I did not mean to offend, or distract from something that was important.

Before I opened this thread, I thought it’d be making fun of OJ…

Amen Hastur. I’m sure that lowlife’s details will be made public at the inquest, and if not then then surely at the subsequent trial. Anyone know what’s most likely to happen under Mexican law? Manslaughter?

One thing slightly puzzles me, as I live many miles inland and seldom visit the seaside :

How are areas reserved for swimmers actually marked off? A series of buoys with red flags atop or something?

Also, are these kind of accidents common? If so, are they typically genuine accidents (eg honestly didn’t see the buoys) or do they tend to be thrill-seeking morons deliberately ignoring warnings?

Christ, Hastur! Threads drift. You don’t own the damn thing, ok?