Strange things in Northern BC: quintuple murder, by one guy, or triple murder by two guys?

Strange story out of northern British Columbia.

On the weekend, there was a story about a young traveling couple found brutally murdered: he was an Aussie, she was an American. The young woman’s mom told the media that they wouldn’t be able to have an open casket because of the extent of her injuries. The guy’s dead is an inspector with the police in New South Wales and came to Canada to see his son’s body and work with the RCMP on the case.

The couple was last seen arguing with a bearded man by the side of the highway.

Then yesterday, the police announced they were looking for a couple of late teenage guys who had been driving north to Yukon, looking for work. Their families had reported them missing and were worried.

Last night, the police reported they’d found the vehicle of the two guys, burning on the side of the road in northern BC. Quite a distance from where the couple had been found, but fears started to circulate of a serial killer in northern BC.

Then the police announced they had found the body if a fifth person - a heavily bearded man near the burning van of the two teenaged guys. Did he match the description of the bearded guy seen arguing with the US-Aussie couple? Police didn’t say. It’s not like northern BC is short of heavily bearded guys. Or had he been killed by the killer, who had kidnapped the two teenagers? Were they even still alive?

Then just befor 5 pm this evening, the RCMP announced that the two teenaged boys are considered suspects in at least one murder. They are said to have been spotted in northern Saskatchewan, and possibly northern Manitoba (“north” here presumably meaning south if the tree line, but north of the Yellowhead, travelling on lesser-used highways?)

And the Mounties have issued a public bulletin: they are considered dangerous. If seen, do not approach. Call 911 at the earliest safe opportunity.

And one the teenagers is bearded.

Did they kill the couple, then some other guy to take his vehicle, and set their own on fire?

Things that make you go hmmm…

An older article about the dead man found near the burning truck:

I read about this a few days ago, when the couple were found. It just gets stranger and more horrorshow with every day, it seems.

And another story, with reactions to the news from family and friends of the two guys:

And, it’s not clear if they’re considered suspects in three deaths, or just the one man found near their burnt-out van. Their van was several hundred kilometres from the young couple. Teenage guys’ movements are not known. Northern BC is big. So could the one death of the man perhaps not be related at all to the couple?

Wait and see …

I’m from Port Alberni - the town where the two boys are from. I’ve seen them both at Walmart where they worked. I was talking to Kam’s babysitter (from years ago) today and we’re all just stunned at the turn of events. We’ve all gone from thinking those poor boys were dead somewhere out in the forest to realizing that they are the murderers.

Last I heard is they’ve made it to Manitoba. There’s a very good chance that more people will die and I’m guessing they’ll die in some sort of shoot-out.

This has been all over the national and even local news. If they are heading eastward and have arrived in Manitoba right now, I wonder what they’re hoping to do.

Continue heading eastward into Ontario? There’s only one road crossing (at Nipigon, which the OPP could shut down pretty quickly), and two rail crossings, one at Nipigon, alongside the road crossing; and one farther north, but which has no road access, and nothing but tiny settlements until you get to Capreol. Other than those routes, going from Manitoba to Ontario involves dealing with Canadian Shield bush.

It’s now a nation-wide hunt, but you’re right Spoons - there’s the choke point travelling east.

Apparently the two more recent photos are from a store in Meadow Lake in northern Sask.

B.C. teens charged with 2nd-degree murder as Canada-wide manhunt continues |

It looks like they may well be in the Gillam area. The RCMP have found another burnt-out vehicle near the Fox Lake Cree Nation, which they think is the grey Rav 4 that they were driving when they were in Meadow Lake.

If so, they’re definitely staying way north: Meadow Lake is near the tree line in Saskatchewan, and Gillam is the end of the road. The mayor commented that the only way out is to go back to Thomson Manitoba to the south, or get on the train to Churchill on the shore of Hudson Bay.

Manitoba RCMP finds burned vehicle of men wanted in connection with three northern B.C. deaths

Meadow Lake, SK

Gillam, Manitoba

AP story: Father: Canadian manhunt will end in son’s death

This is very, very sad.


3 lives already ended, 2 more a likely possibility and all for naught.

They’ve now been charged with the murder of the man who was found near their first vehicle. The dead man has been identified as a professor of marine botany from UBC.

No charges in relation to the young couple, but they are considered suspects by the police.

That father comes across as a nutter. Instead of encouraging his son to turn himself in and stopping the madness, he encourages him to go down shooting.

No news.

RCMP, military and First Nations groups are all putting resources into the search near Gillam and Fox River First Nation.

Terrain sounds horrible: marshy, muskeg, bugs, forest.

One news item suggested someone may have inadvertently helped them leave Gillam (hitchhiking?) but that item seems to have petered out.

RCMP pour gear, personnel into search for B.C. murder suspects in northern Manitoba

The Mounties will get their man.

Anyone else automatically think of Dudley Do-Right and Snidely Whiplash? :wink:

But seriously, I hope these two killers are captured soon. The RCMP has an excellent reputation in law enforcement.


Kam certainly has the Snidely mustache.

This may turn out to be one of those situations where there are simultaneous sightings all over the country:

The one Dad has already written a book. Nothing like capitalizing on your son’s murder spree before he is even caught…

Canadian police scale down manhunt for fugitive teenagers.

Has any Canadian criminal on the run try to make it to the USA to hide? I know that sometimes American criminals go north to Canada.