And … we’re sheltering in place …

Several public alerts on our cellphones about two guys from up north who are doing random stabbings.

Except they’re now believed to have come south and have been spotted on one of the major arterial roads in our city.

Cellphone alerts recommend sheltering in place.

But today’s the Labour Day Classic!

Décisions, décisions …

Err in the side of caution and keep your family safe. What’s the worst that could happen, you get a little bored?

But we might run out of nachos and dip at home watching the game on tv!:football::football::football:

(Won’t run out of beer. We’re we-stocked on that. :beer::beer::beer:


Sask (where most of my relatives live) has a Pop of 1.174 million over 251,700 mi² (but mostly concentrated in the cities and towns of course).

While Caution is a Good idea, of course - don’t let strange men in your home, lock the doors and such- a couple of dudes doing random stabbing is Tuesday in many parts of America. Shelter in Place? :scream: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I suspect a drive would be safe, with some precautions.

However, do be careful, we like you.

The safest place would be around a bunch of other people, wouldn’t it?

Roughriders have announced that the game is still on, but they will be taking extra security precautions, presumably at the gates.

The Mounties took a lot of flak a couple of years ago for not alerting the people of Nova Scotia about the active shooter, who ended up killing 22 and wounding 3, as well as setting several fires. I think the police are generally a lot more sensitive as a result.

Some friends coming to the game from the Melfort area got pulled over by the Mounties, because their truck is the same model and colour as the one the two guys are reported to be driving.

We normally walk part of the way, due to parking limitations.


Just saw an update that 10 are dead and 15 injured and the men are still at large.

We’re staying home. Didn’t want to leave the Cub alone.

Riders are up 8-0.

On the touchdown, Sask QB ran it in from 3 yards. Flag flew. Ref: “Offside: Winnipeg defensive line; declined.”

Just saw that as well. There were at least three Stars heli-ambulance flights earlier today.

Riders knocked ball out of Wpg QB’s hands and recovered.

Riders 14-0.

What a weird thread.

More detailed news item:

“Hey buddy, do you have any knives on ya? Ok, nice, enjoy the game, eh.”

And we made CNN:

17:17. Close game.

Riders now up, 18-17