Let's Join Up To Win At McDonald's Monopoly Game, part the second.

Well, I could have hijacked a year old thread to say this, but:

Oh, and personally, I don’t waste money at MC Donald’s. However:

As a result of a similar situation, I have St. James Place. Anyone else want to try pooling their resources, in hopes of winning a prize?

What if we win something like a plasma? How do you share something like that? Do only the people who contributed part of the 2,3 or 4 winning pieces get a share? I can see splitting cash, but how do I get my half of a Playstation?

Well, I believe most contests allow for the prize to be turned into cash, instead…

However, I think chances are better that a person would be struck by lighting then win a Hummer.

Okay, people. I need a Boardwalk. You’d give me your Boardwalk, wouldn’t you? Thanks! You’re swell.

Or how about Pennsylvania Avenue? Vermont Avenue?

Short Line?

Ah, heck.

Don’t they still have pieces with just little food item prizes? That’s what really kept me coming back for more. Ooh! Ooh! I won! I won a Free Small Fries! Whoo-hoo!

I need Boardwalk too. Want to bet theres 1, out there…somewhere? Not me.
Also have St. james. Must be very popular.

Here’s some of the key pieces for 2005:

Shortline Railroad

If you have all the other pieces except these congratulations! You now have all the pieces that they make hundreds of thousands of copies of.

How did you find these out? I was just about to do a search for them because my I’m treating my team to McDonald’s. (I’m not that generous, it’s on condition that they give me their game pieces). So far, I think I’ve won like $100 Best Buy bucks, but I don’t think I have any of the pieces you listed.


But, in reality, there are lots and lots of most pieces, with very few made of certain critical pieces. I doubt that the guy who gets boardwalk is going to want to split the prize 50-50 with someone who has Park Place.

Heh. :stuck_out_tongue:

On a related note, I now have Baltic Avenue and North Carolina Avenue.

I don’t really get the point of this thread. As Hampshire pointed out, there’s one rare piece in each set, and the rest are super common. Eat at McDonalds regularly for the length of this contest, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to have every piece but one of each set. Really, the contest isn’t to get Park Place and Boardwalk. It’s just to get Boardwalk. Park Place is just there to make it feel more like a game.

Yeah, what’s the deal with no food prizes this time. At least I haven’t gotten any yet. See, before if I got one of the Monopoly things I just threw it away, but kept the food ones and went back for my gimme. Now, I’m just throwing away the little Monopoly thingies. I want some food prizes dammit!

I missed the first thread, but seriously thought about going to craigslist and listing what ones I had, just in case they’re good ones.

Anyways, I have:

2, count them, two, of Illinois Avenue, St. James Place and States Avenue
Marvin Gardens
Park Place

Are they valuable? I also have 3 BB bucks which I will happily sell for $10. :smiley:

Yeah, I miss the food, too. However, I have been more than lucky getting $3 BBs. I think the avg is 1 in 3 to get $3, and it’s been slight better than 50% for me (like .59537 (iirc)). Considering that it costs me, well let’s round up, $5 for a value meal, it’s like getting a 60% discount. Besides, I get way more utility out of spending BBs than loading my body with empty calories and artery clogging fat (though it does taste good to do so :).