McDonald's Monopoly

I hate McDonald’s food.
It makes me ill.
Very, very ill.
However, when Monopoly time comes around, I am instinctively drawn to McDonald’s, regardless of the odds against winning.
To minimize my plastic-and-grease intake, and maximize the chances that SOMEONE on this board will win SOMETHING, I propose the following:
If/when you play Monopoly at McDonald’s, or your kids play, post the collect-to-win pieces here. If we actually win something collectively, we’ll figure out how to divide up the loot.

My pieces:
North Carolina
Marvin Gardens
B+O Railroad
St. James
Pennsylvania Railroad

No way in hell I’m sharing my loot man!

If I get one of the hard-to-get pieces I’ll just go to MickeyD’s and eat french fries until I complete the set. Practically speaking there’s just one winning piece for each prize, the other 2 or 3 are so common they barely affect the odds of winning.

Fun idea, but probably not realistic.

Well, I got Park Place out of a magazine yesterday, so if anyone has a Boardwalk to go with it, we’re golden.

Was I the only one who immediately thought, “What? Is the DoJ going after MickeyD’s now that Microsoft is off the hook? How can they justify that?”

Sorry. I don’t eat at McDonald’s, so I won’t be contributing any game pieces.

Hello! They sell breakfast, lunch, AND dinner!