Let's kill all the Mexicans


No message here. I just want to see how many looks this post gets.

Damn. I thought you were serious. :rolleyes:

Some people might look upon that as trolling. I’d be careful if I were you.

Ladies and gentlemen, the EXACT definition of trolling.

Isn’t that a ban-able offence in 49 states?

— G. Raven

I smell me a lockdown…
5… 4… 3…

Any chance the thread can be closed, and soon?

Hi again,

Okay, you’re absolutely right. I most humbly apoligize for this thread.

I was simply trying to type the most awful, tasteless IMHO thread I could think of just to see how many people would look at it. Consider it a bit of ‘performance art’ if you’re in a mood to be generous.

I have no prejudice against Mexican people!I chose the word “Mexican” because Mexicans are, currently, the most newsworthy migratory nationality. A hundred years ago, I would have said “Irish”.

I’m not prejudiced against anybody, anytime, anywhere!

(Except maybe guys who hit on my wife, but that gets technical,lots of stuff about voltages and C-clamps…)

Please consider this a forgettable post by a hopeful member of the SDMB community who is still learning the ropes.

So, sorry again. I’m still learning the ropes

People HAVE started “What would be the most tasteless thread title you can think of?” threads, and those are perfectly fun and acceptable, because no one feels like they were suckered by a flashy headline and everyone gets to participate.

Voltages and C-clamps. Kinky, I smell a sig. line.

I’m just pissed because it took five goddmn minutes for the thread to load and all I got was a goddman performance artist piece. Then it took another goddmn five minutes for the post reply page to open so I could btch at you about how I had to wait so long. You owe me ten minutes chump!

Bad Performance Artist-No Cookie.

Lock-up Time.