Let's make haikus about accidents involving food.

Look the same in a garnish
Quich’e flambeau for two


thousands of grease ants
feast on a neglected blot
from tonight’s burgers

Scalding hot coffee
Spilled in the poor woman’s lap
I smell a lawsuit

Moths in the flour
Too bad I didn’t find then
Before baking bread

Pumpkin pie’s tasty
But forget to add sugar
It is evil stuff.

After my dinner
I light up a cigarette
Ashes on my shirt

Beer glass too close to
edge of table. Uh-oh! Shit!
Cat says, “Don’t blame me!”

The pressure cooker
blew its lid then everything
was drenched in pea soup

Ah little bratwurst
Why must you fly? Too greasy
Solution: mustard

Haikus are fun
But sometimes they don’t make sense
cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese

… i think that is a correct Haiku.

Blister on my chin?
Tasting pasta to see if
it is done. It slipped!

What Doug said

Cursed, cursed white shirt! Worn on my back,
Gravity, unseen, pulls at thee.
Towards pasta sauce or BBQ…

Typing and eating
It’s easy to miss your mouth
A sticky keyboard

Snacking on the couch
Where did the raisinette go?
The stain marks the spot

Haikus are most fun
(It’s 5-7-5). Cheese cheese,

escaped M&M,
cracked carapace, melts under
my ass in the truck

Cuba Libre–yum
Elbowed in the restless crowd
Rug puddle? Nine bucks.

Hot morning coffee
Drooling patient drinks–backwash!
No thanks, its all yours.

Ive been having a rough weekend with my drinks

Tequila at night
My shotglass overrunneth
Sticky morning floor.

My son stealth snacker
Plum pits, candy bits, cheese wraps?
Just follow the flies.

Help me I Haiku
And I cannot stop. Alas!
Not marketable skill.