Let's make haikus about accidents involving food.

I just had an accident.

Chicken curry spill
Rice: on floor, skirt stained orange
No! Will this wash out?


Balanced on the fork
Teetering and tottering
Damn! Peas on the floor

I guzzle some beer
Then someone makes a funny
Foam out of my nose

Stubborn crustacean
Arcs gently towards your beer
Launched by my crab fork

Diet Coke dribbles
Fall out of cans when toppled
I should move those things

A sea of lava
Boiling the flesh off my head
I said not spicy

Onion hamburger
Where is the Pepcid AC
Should’ve had the dog

“So you fell on it?”
really?” said the EMT
“Coke bottle is stuck!”

Pepperoni 'za
Overflows with yummy grease
So does my shirtfront

Ode to the Chinese buffet

The sushi is warm
And it is somewhat smelly
The sushi is old

The cookies are ruined!
Oh, now I see why – baking
soda’s not powder.

Deep in the dark fridge

The Tupperware lurks, waiting

For the fateful day.

Squash - bake for 1 hour,
Watch TV, space…what’s that smell?
black smoke, ruined pan

(squash turned out really good though! pan is destroyed)

Pasta in the pot
Help friend find a parking space
Pasta is ruined

Fresh washed table cloth
Please pass the spaghetti sauce
Must wash table cloth

Dad’s new microwave
How was he supposed to know
Whole eggs could explode?

Liver and onion

Very nutritious

Not delicious

While boiling pasta,
I spill water on my sock:
Second-degree burn.

This really happened. And it really hurt.

Welcome back! I was wondering where you went!
Crab legs, crab legs. Hark!
Me so hungry, eat them all!
Time to drain the seas.

Draining Hot Pasta
Without strainer, use lid
Noodles down the drain