Let's make it a trifecta: The Largest Canadian city you've never heard of

In the spirit of this thread and this thread, what’s the largest Canadian city you’ve never heard of. Wiki list of the Top 100 is here.

For me, #79, St-Jerome, QC does not ring a bell.

Maple Ridge (#75). I’ve lived or spent significant time in about half of the ones in the list.

Brampton, #11. Never heard of it. (and I lived in Ontario for 3 months)

Levis, #34 (lived in Canada all my life, hmmm)

#19, Longueuil, QC.

Also don’t recognize #34 (Levis, QC), 44 (Saanich, BC), or 50 (Delta, BC).

I stopped looking at that point…apparently I just don’t know Quebec or British Columbia…

#6 Mississauga

On the other hand, I know every single one of the BC cities on the list.

Vaughan #18. Have lived in BC all my life.

Me as well.

Born and raised in BC, now in Alberta.

Me neither. & I was born in Ontario.

Brampton #11, even though I’ve been to (or driven through) 7 of the top 10, including Toronto, Mississauga and Hamilton. So I’ve been pretty close to Brampton – just didn’t know it was there.

#14 - Laval. But I’ve spent a total of one hour in Canada in my entire life (Windsor, on a sidetrip lark while driving through Michigan), so my northern neighbor geography isn’t so sharp.

Me fourth for Brampton, Ontario. Obviously a city that needs an advertising budget.

#9 Hamilton.

I fail.

I wasn’t sure of 6, Mississauga and I definitely didn’t know there was a Surrey, 12. I’m in the UK.

Another Brampton vote here. Though in my defense I noticed that it grew over 60% from 1996-2006, so back when I was actually learning things it was much smaller.

Another Brampton.

Yet another Brampton. Is it just a big suburb of Toronto?

  1. Saanich - Although in all fairness it is only ~ 100,000.

Wow - I’m amazed people haven’t heard of Brampton. Weird.

Anyhoo - the only one I don’t know is Kawartha Lakes - I don’t even know where it would be in Ontario.

FWIW I’ve visited (or at least driven through) almost the entire list.

#16, Markham, ON, whose existence was quite unknown to me until just this instant. And I’ve been to Canada a lot, altho not Ontario, lately.