Let's make our own Maury Povich guest search.

I never watch Maury. Unless it’s ghetto lottery day. I don’t seek it out but if my ear happens to hear, “You are NOT the father!” followed by sobbing, well I just can’t help myself. I gotta watch.

Anyways, Maury does guest search during the bumper to commercials and this is a screen cap of one such solicitation. It says:

Have you or someone in your family ever have sex on a religious symbol in front of your dead child?

Where in the hell do Maury’s writers get these show ideas from? Random word generators? Well I can come up with better guest solicitations just by looking at the search terms people have used to find my blog. Yes, I have a blog. Doesn’t everybody? Here are my guest search for Maury.

*Have you or someone in your family ever get his balls ripped off by a monkey?

Have you or someone in your family ever have a happy birthday naked clown?*

It’s easy. Make up your own!

It’s a blog mostly about crafting and jewelry making. I did do an entry on hairless mammals a while ago. My best guess is that people need to utilize quotes while image searching on Google.