Does anyone watch the Maury Show (Thursday episode question)?

My aunt was watching the Maury Show on TV today (Thursday) and missed the ending. Does anyone know what happened in the end? Thanks.

The results are in and you ARE the father!

I was going to say something like “They paternity tested the girls 6 brothers and found out one which one was the father”.

Bravo, priapus. That was brilliant! :slight_smile:

This blogger has promised to post recaps of this week’s paternity test episodes this weekend.

xash, what are you doing in Santa Clara? I was a little shocked that they were showing same day episodes of Maury in Mumbai.

Ok, here’s specifically what she wants to know:

“The grandmother wanted to know if the girl aged 4 was fathered by her dead son. Yes/No?”

Thanks. I have no clue what she’s talking about :slight_smile:

Oh cool, that blog is just what she needed. Thanks a lot.

In India they show Survivor six months delayed, Friends a few years delayed, Simpsons several years delayed. Although they did show American Idol same day recorded. Maury might come in 2020. Stay tuned.

I’m on work here. Have been for about 6 months, and shall be for a few more. You might meet me at a bay area dope fest if there is one anytime soon.