How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) May 13

No threads on this? I just watched the latest episode and it seems as if they showed the face of the mother.

[Does some research] It seems as though I might have just watched the series finale, or at least the season finale.

Has everyone on the SDMB given up on this show? What’s the deal? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Who was the actress? I watched it but didn’t recognize her. I think the show has another season but I’ve been losing interest.

She was credited as “the girl with the yellow umbrella”

She look better than her IMDB pic (IMHO)

It was the season finale. There is supposedly one more season.


Yes, I think a lot of people have given up on it. I don’t fully pay attention to it when it’s on now. This was the season finale, they have one more season to go.

I’m pretty sure they did show the mother tonight. I have no idea who she was though. I do wish they had done more with her then just have her at the end.

You might want to have a mod change the title to today’s date so people know which episode we’re talking about.

It’s a shame. I thought that the quality had definitely dipped in the past few years, and they should have wrapped it up a year or 2 ago, but I think that this past season has been pretty good. They should have ended it this season.

Hmmm…she was one of the Sacramoni daughters in “The Sopranos

It’s Cristin Milioti. Dang, for a brief instant I thought they had snagged Emmy Rossum.

It’s just dragged on too long. Some episodes are good, but the stories are often forced. There really isn’t anything new to find out about the characters either. I don’t think the formula works anymore. But I’ll watch it through to the end anyway, I’d have to say over the years it’s been worthwhile.

I gave up on the series for the most part, but watched tonight because it was the season finale, and I figured the story would move forward. There were a few interesting plot points if you care about the characters, but precious little of what made the series great back in the day.

I was going to stick it out for completeness sake when it seemed like this was the last season, but when they announced a ninth, I stopped watching. It was a pretty good show for most of its run, but they really ran out of things to do with it part way through season 7, and assuming it didn’t get wildly better after I stopped watching, dragged ever since.

I felt like it was kind of a let down. After all these years I was kind of hoping for, I don’t know, someone cuter like . . . my wife or something. :wink:

Or the reveal of Robin’s other dark secret . . . her bass-playing, yellow umbrella-totting, twin sister!

You people have hearts of stone! I loved it.

But I still say The Mother should have been Lyndsy Fonseca.

Yeah, after Ted’s parade of impossibly hot girlfriends, this girl is kind of a let-down.

I see now where I vaguely of recognized her from – she played the comedian with the “little girl” schtick that annoyed Liz Lemon on 30 Rock. She wore a blonde wig for that so she looked different.

I still love the show too. Don’t know what everyone else is on about, frankly.

Two points: It would be kind of gross for it to be Lyndsy Fonseca, since she plays Ted’s daughter. While there’s often a mother/daughter resemblance, having the same actress play the daughter and the mother would just be a little too close to incest for my taste.

Second, I like that the mother is actually a normal looking girl…pretty, but a little awkward. I just hope they write her well. I absolutely loved Victoria, so it’ll be hard to top her as ‘the one’ in my book, but I hope they can do it.

I feel sorry for this girl. A character introduced into a long running show, introduced way too late, now under the scrutiny of all the show’s fans and critics. I hope she’s getting paid well.

Who knows how they’ll pick up next season, but on reflection, this episode was depressing. Ted obviously meets his future wife on the train, perhaps when she finds him lying on the tracks. Robin really loves Ted, Barney loves Robin in the wrong kind of way, Lily and Marshall are about to ruin their lives (and who would make Marshall a judge and why would that nutball captain need someone to spend a whole year in Rome?). Where is Rajish or however his name is spelled. Where’s all mystery half and whole brothers and sisters? If the show for some reason never returned it’s like the another Lost.

Of course they’ll tie it all up in a hilarious episode, but it’s nothing like a real cliffhanger ending, just a bunch of red herrings thrown out there. We know Ted gets married and has kids in the end. There’s just no way to end this show right. Right? Or is there…

It’s still as good as ever to me. I like their new ways of telling stories, like the housewarming seen from the living room, dining room and kitchen, and it only makes sense when you see what happens in the kitchen.

So is the final season going to be dragging out those 56 hours till the wedding?

I think the last season and a half have been a waste. Somer very good episodes, but too many revisiting of old storylines (the incessant Ted and Robin arc). I hope the final season delivers.

I think they’ll wrap up Barney and Robin’s wedding quickly, move onto Ted dating the future wife and end the series with Ted’s wedding.